I was sad to not be able to go home for Thanksgiving. It was the first year I've ever missed a Holiday with my family. I'm thankful that my sweet friends, Nate & Kelly invited me over. I got up early as usual and made deviled eggs, hash brown casserole, and chocolate pie. It was interesting being on the road by myself driving to Hendersonville instead of with my family or the Warrens. Heather started sending me texts with pics. I've included them & her captions in this post bc they were very much apart of my Thanksgiving memory. (And yes, I did have a little tear shed while in the car, but the rest of the day was absolutely wonderful. It's all about being happy where you are in life. Isn't that what you folks have been screaming at me for years? lol)
 "They have enjoyed talking with Grandaddy today"
 "Hey Aunt Heather"
 "Let the games begin"  Sad to miss the annual Phase 10 game, but family beware...I'll be ready at Christmas!  Congrats Aunt Susie on your win!
"We miss you"

I sent this pic to my sister in law with my caption " Hey family"

The spread...
the desserts had their own table and I forgot to take a pic, but there were enough calories on that table to feed a multitude!

Charlotte Ritchie, Kelly, me, and Stephanie Reece
The guys couldn't handle it. (Seth, Greg Ritchie, Nate, & Landon) They ate until they were miserable and then landed in front of the tv for some football watching.  A couple of them took a good snooze.
Peggy, Nate's mom, and  Jayna and Landon Ritchie

After eating and chatting, we decided to go to Opryland and see the Christmas lights.  It's a definite must see.  I went right after last Christmas and it was still mesmerizing this year!

There was a Dreamworks thing going on this year so we saw a few characters hanging out.  Shrek and Fiona

They were dancing

Glass sculpture inside the lobby of the Hotel

waterfall behind this cool metal screen

Kung Fu Panda
The tallest poinsettia tree ever!

I like the effect I got on this one.

So huge and so beautiful!
Ms Peggy wanted her picture taken with Shrek
After we got back, we decided it was time for dinner.  Ms Peggy was sad that no one ate the token turkey leg so Nate pretended to be taking a bite of the monstrous thing.

I got lots of texts with Happy Thanksgiving and we miss you's that made my day even more special.  Love to you all!