Frosty the Snowman-Bing Crosby

12-15-11 Just thought I'd throw this one in since it's chilly here! I have all these wonderful, cute winter clothes now. While I am very much looking forward to coming home, I'm not looking forward to the probability of sweating in GA for Christmas. I was talking to my friend, Kelly, Sunday night about Christmas in GA. She's from Vidalia so she totally understands. I remember opening the cutest clothes on Christmas morning and changing my entire wardrobe plans for the day. The only problem was that the clothes I got that morning were generally new sweaters or coats and it was almost always warm on the holidays. Of course I wouldn't trade those moments for anything. I just can now sit back and laugh about it. For years, I would suffer and wear my cute, new outfit to show off knowing that I was probably going to heat to death. Yes, we did have an occasional cool Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it was always warm in my Grandparents house. Bless them! When my Grandma goes to take her nap, we turn the air down. She wakes up and in the most precious Mama voice ever says, " Who touched that thermostat?" Oh the memories!

 A Saturday morning going to work...
 A Wednesday night leaving work.  My caption for this photo on Facebook know you don't live in South Georgia anymore when you own an ice/snow scraper and have to use it at 8:30pm.  No worries Mom, this has been only used a couple of times.  The super cold has gone away for now.  I actually think Aunt Clair and Kate's visits from GA brought the "warmer" weather with them.  Yesterday's high was 68 today's was 65 with rain and thankfully tomorrow should be back to winter normal with a high of 42!  I love the cold!!! What the heck am I gonna wear in Valdosta? lol
The ice on the top of my car :)