A little of this and that in July...

The long and short story for the month is that I went to Nashville in the end of June beginning of July for several reasons. I needed to take a TN law class and get a criminal background check for my TN license. I got all that squared away and went looking at spas. I found one that I thought would be great. I had actually just walked in to get my eyebrows waxed and check the place out and ended up with an interview the next day. The owner and I met and had a great chat. She seemed to like me...well, she told me and another therapist that she liked me and thought I would fit there. I did a test massage on that therapist the next day. He liked the massage so I was feeling good. I got back into Valdosta and was waiting on the phone call. I told my mom what I was thinking about doing and she gave me her blessing. (only after a few tears...although I feel there will be more) Three days later on Friday I got the call that I'd gotten the job. We talked about salary and everything. She told me to wait for a formal email offer at the beginning of the next week since I was no longer in town. Speeding up the story:No email came, I called 3 times and left messages and never got a return call. Poor business!!! The only thing I can think was she found someone else to hire that could start sooner than when I told her I would start which was September. Keep reading the next blog posts to see how God clearly shut this door so He could open the one He wanted for me. I decided to wait until I got my license in hand before making any more trips or sending any more resume's in. Turns out I'd be waiting a while. This is where I think God showed a little sense of humor. I am still on an antidepressant from when my Dad passed away. I tried to come off it once and it was NOT pretty. I don't have a problem taking them anyways. Insert my opinion: I think God made Doctors and Pharmacists and medicine. I also take a muscle relaxer occasionally for jaw pain. Well, the TN licensure board wanted letters from my doctors saying I was under their care and these meds in no way hindered me from doing my job. The funny part: both the prescribing doctors are my clients and I didn't want them to know yet. lol. I do applaud them for sticking to their health regulations and not spilling the beans. So the end of the story for this month is I ended up doing a lot of praying and waiting, both things of which I am very familiar!

7-9-11 My first feather in my hair. I loved it!
7-12-11 Amanda and I went out to dinner for her birthday. Sushi at Mori = happiness!

7-13-11 I took Kasey out to dinner for her birthday. Veyda was being so good and she's so stinking cute!
7-18-11 My friend, Jessica, got me some boxes to pack with. This made it pretty real!
I had this collage in my laundry room so I thought I'd take the pic before I packed it all away. Funny thing is that there are holes behind there that my Dad puttied up for me, but I never got around to sanding down and painting over.
7-21-11 Praise Band practice at Dude Thomas' house. We started practicing once during the week and also before the service on Sundays. It's so great to be using the gift God gave me and enjoying it! I love this group.
Lisa...She called me while I was in Nashville to tell me that they needed another female singer and that Ron, the minister of music, suggested she call me. I was more than happy to join. Honored!
Paul and Donald

Brad making a crazy face

I stole this pic off of Heather's facebook page. I love my family! They were having a great time at the beach.

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