And we're off! Sitting in between two car seats in a truck was an adventure in itself! Emma and me...

Me and Ella Grace

She loves to watch tv or movies so she was so content in the car ride. I bought Alvin & the Chipmunks, the Squeakel and I think she watched it about 10 times. Everytime we got in the truck, she got her headphones on! That's a Butler trait!

Emma with her headphones on...scroll down.

10 minutes later and she's out! Another Butler trait...we like to nap!

We saw some helicopters giving tours. Emma yells out..."I saw a helicopter." I have no idea how she knew what it was. They were so cute as we were driving. I guess we take for granted all the things we learn as we grow. There was a truck used to haul cars on the highway and we had to explain why it hauls cars, where they come from, where they were going. It was cute.

The pretty red one

Lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I think we were all happy to be in Orlando and out of the truck.

Priss reading the menu.

Kisses for Mommy

Getting a little silly waiting on lunch

Daddy and his girls

Ella Grace and Heather

Love you Emma

This starts the photo shoot from Emma. She did a pretty good job.

Big smile from Daddy

Mommy's turn, but you gotta love Ella Grace in the background

Pictures of the Hotel, Floridays Resort, only one exit away from Disney! My bathroom

Chris and Heather had a jacuzzi tub that had a window that opened up to their bedroom

Nice breakfast bar, dining table, and internet desk

Emma said she was gonna take a nap when we first got there...yeah right.

They loved sharing a room with Aunt Heather. See I don't even have to have the pretty high heels for my nieces to love to play in...Emma helped herself to my tennis shoes. And yes, I have big feet!

Dance party USA on Mommy and Daddy's bed (only on vacation)

Pool Time! They LOVED the pool and all it's fountains. After hours of saying, "Are we going to Disney?" they finally stopped to be enamored by the pool. They loved the hotel! At one point Chris even said something about us staying at the pool and not going to Disney and the girls actually considered it for a few minutes. They loved punching the elevator buttons too.

Who does this look like?

So happy and playful

So sweet when they play so well together!

They did this all on their own. I could eat them up!

One happy was the best I could do working around all the fountains and other kids playing.

Exhausted at the end of day one. They were so precious sleeping face to face almost the entire night until Aunt Heather flashed the camera at them. hehe

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