You are entering the happiest place on earth... The girls were so excited this morning when they woke up and we told them it was time to go to Disney!

The Magic Kingdom was the perfect place to take our little 3 1/2year olds

Riding the ferry boat was the first of many "firsts" for them today. Emma did this pose all on her own.

Mommy and Ella Grace looking out over the water

Another ferry boat passing us by...I wanted to have a picture for them of what we rode on.

"I see the castle" "There's Cinderella's castle" they exclaimed.

Being wheeled into the park...all I can say is I'm thankful for the stroller because I got to hang my heavy bag on the back of it so I was hands free to take all these fabulous pictures.

I wish I remember what was going on here, but it's still funny either way.

I told her we needed a cute picture before we got all hot and sweaty!

Waiting in line to see Pinnochio

I mean how sweet is this picture?!!! They were getting closer to Pinnochio.

Emma is a very hands on little lady.

Getting some love...

Not sure if they really loved Pinnochio or if it was just the coolness of seeing a character

Cinderella's castle

Itching to get out of their seats now that they got a taste of the fun.

A closeup

First ride of the day...Dumbo! I waited on them so I could take pictures. A month ago I showed them pictures of when Chris went to Disney with Mom and Dad. I love this one...Ella Grace is so happy!

It was so bright it was a little hard to see what I was taking pictures of, but this is Chris and Emma.

Daddy and Emma

The whole family...

So incredibly cool! They had an airplane doing skywriting. The first one said trust Jesus and this one said Trust God.

just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...

waiting in line for Cinderella's Golden carrousel

miss priss on her very own horse!

I think she likes it!

The family.

So ofcourse all the pics won't be great...give me a little credit, I was on a horse going up and down and turned backwards to take them. It did make me feel like a kid again to ride the carrousel.

It's a small world...

They loved the little dancers

" The moon, it's the moon Aunt Heather"

taking it all in

Emma sat in my lap so the whole family could sit in the same row together. It was so neat pointing things out to her and she getting so excited at all the different things. This was right about the time the nice woman behind me started asking me a question about my Disney app on my phone. Then she ever so nicely asked me what part of the South I was from. I kindly obliged with Valdosta Georgia and a big smile!

I had to take a picture of the flying monkeys since we called the twins monkey 1 and monkey 2 when they were in Heather's belly.

pretty flowers hanging from the ceiling

waiting in line for Peter Pan's flight.

Daddy and Ella Grace

the alligator about to get Captain Hook (It was very dark in there and we were suprisingly moving a little fast so that's all the pics I took)

Headed to see the Princesses...

They were so excited. I had just gotten the lady to give me their it's my first visit to Disney buttons so they were showing them off proudly.

checking out the buttons

watching the videos of Disney movies playing while we waited to see the Princesses. They didn't quite grasp the whole...we will let 10 people in now and the rest of you have to wait behind this gold chain. They got over it quickly and decided playing with the chain was fun.

The first look at the Princesses. Look how happy Emma is!

Cinderella was in the middle so Daddy held her up so she could see...

I'm just so excited, but why do I have to wait here...I want to talk to her now!

Sleeping Beauty was first. She was amazing. She talked to them about each other being sisters and how she was going to have a sleepover with the other Princesses. She asked the girls who they thought she should invite. It really was the neatest conversation! Emma calls her Sleeping Booty and she thought Belle was her favorite until she met Sleeping Booty!

so happy! It gave me such a warm, fuzzy feeling!

It's Cinderella time!!

Cinderella was Ella Grace's favorite!

It's Belle time!
The way they had her sitting with the girls was so sweet!

Belle was so pretty!

I couldn't find Prince Charming (story of my life) so I waited in line to see Mickey!

The waiting area...I was only a few feet away from Mickey and finally got away from a Mom and two kids who were acting awful!
Surprise! Minnie was there too. I had to slouch down and I still felt like a giant next to them. Minnie kissed me on the cheek and I got a big hug from Mickey.
Since I was too nice to ask Minnie to step out of the picture...I just cut her out when I got home. hehe

You know it's been a full day when Ella Grace is the one passed out!!

No better way to unwind from the day than by the pool and in the hot tub. The sky looked cool to me so I took a picture.

I was going to lay out and try to even out my tan, but when the girls say Aunt Heather come swim with us...I said ok. I mean I can't resist those precious nieces of mine!

Ready for Dinner. I was so excited that their new dresses from me looked so precious on them. They were a little tired so the pictures aren't the best.

Great family pic!

A nice gentleman offered to take the picture for us so I could jump in. The girls were ready to go eat at this point. Getting some sugar at Bonefish Grill or Fish Bone as Chris calls it. Ella Grace was so cute asking about a picture that was hanging crooked on the wall. It was intentional, but she's so smart and just knew it wasn't right.
Their side of the table.

Our side of the table

And they are out! Chris and Heather and I stayed up and watched a movie before we hit the hay. A great day was had by all.

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