Today is the 10th month anniversary of my dad's passing. This month is probably gonna be a tough one. It holds the obvoious day of today and Valentine's Day and my dad's birthday. Dad and I had a deal that he would always be my Valentine until I got married. He was always so happy on his birthday. He never had to return a gift. We knew him too well. It was either a new John Grisham book or a new Polo. (I kinda like a predictable man in that sense.) I always thought of my dad as my man. He loved me so unconditionally. We were alike in so many ways. I think I've always thought I would marry someone like my dad. I am taking things one day at a time STILL. I feel as though I am starting to heal, although I also feel trapped by some situations. I feel God has renewed my purpose in serving Him. I was able to share with a girl who had recently lost her mom. Also, being able to deal with the fact that God took away the man in my life has been one of the hardest things. I can actually talk about that now. I can pray about that now. I'm making progress. I know my Heavenly Father loves me much more than my own Daddy ever could. I've just got to allow my heart and mind to take a full grasp of that love.

This is a song in the movie, "Fireproof". I personally recommend the movie for anyone in a relationship. My friend, Allison shared the song with our Sunday School class about waiting on God to give her a baby. She challenged the college/career ladies to think about what they are doing...while they are waiting. I am determined to live my life worshipping and serving while I'm waiting and even after He chooses to send me a husband and children. I'm also waiting on the glorious day when I will meet my Savior face to face and will worship Him forever with all those who have gone on before me.

I love you, Daddy!


Anonymous said...

Heather, what an amazing song! I love reading your blog and that to uched my heart today. Waiting is sometimes so hard to do, but God does have so many great things in store for us. Hope your doing well.


Hannah Hoffmann said...

I love you!