My best friend Emily's birthday is today and we have had a great day celebrating it. We started the day by taking some pics for the business for the newspaper. Then it was off to Chilli's for lunch...and it was yummy! Then it was off to work. I left Emily little gifts on her desk in between massages.

I decided to get her several different cards as they were all unique and relevant. This is her song card.
Heath and Emily

Our favorite candle from Pier 1 is mad love. They discontinued it last year, but brought it back for Valentine's Day this year. I wrote out 28 for her age in Mad Love votives. It was a hit!

Emily and me at work.

This is her opening her second card. She got some personalized stationary and sticky notes later. Tonight, I am going to drop off her third card, the sweet, sentimental one.

I love you, Em. I hope you have enjoyed your day!

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