Perfect pic to show off their cute little outfits. They are growing up right before our eyes!
The birthday cakes!!! A blonde Barbie for Emma. A brunette barbie for Ella Grace and a castle!

Heather and Ella Grace
Chris and Emma. Ok so I know the pic is blurry, but that's what happens sometimes with action shots. Plus, it was too cute of a moment to not post.
The girls love that they can see themselves in my camera screen, but this was the first time they have both pointed to it during the pic!

Swinging at the park
Ella Grace sliding with her cousin Ethan.
Jay and his princess gift bag, too funny to not take a pic of for everyone to see!

Meme and Emma and her birthday Barbie.
Gigi and Ella Grace and her birthday Barbie.
The girls ready for their cake! It's like an act of congress to get a good pic of the two of them together.
Nathan putting the finishing touches on the cake. I'm sure he's available for hire if anyone's interested!
Aunt Susie and Ella Grace. This was the best out of 3 pics! Ella Grace now thinks it's funny to turn away from you when the camera comes out. Wonder where that Butler stubborness comes from?!!!
I hope you all enjoyed the pics!

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KateVonGlahn said...

What a cake! That is serious!