If you know me at all, you know I have several different groups of friends. I like the means I get to have lots of parties. No, seriously it has just always worked out that way. So here's the Kickoff to my Birthday(pun intended.) I went to Chris and Jessica's house to watch the GA Bulldogs game. Chris grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and everything was super yummy. Their little girl Sarah Grace kept us entertained during the commercials.

Saturday night was my party at Kari Anne's house. These are my church friends from Morningside that I practically grew up with. Kari Anne is always such a gracious host!
Miranda and her sister Christy never would tell me whether they were coming to my party, so I was pleasantly surprised when they showed up. They always have something funny to say!
I told Brooke it was kinda funny that I had more pictures of Rylin at my birthday party than I did of myself. I just couldnt help it. She's so stinkin cute. Brooke was getting a little sugar in this pic.
Addie and Rylin: best friends whether they will like it or not. Addie is about 3 weeks older than Rylin and she's already starting to try to crawl. The mom's put them on the bed to play with each other and were hoping Addie could teach Rylin. That didnt go so well.
Cute little baby bottoms!
This was the funniest noise. Brooke was patting Rylin's mouth as she made noises. It really was hilarious.
Addie Mann
My friends Christy and Daniel and their 2 boys drove from Waycross and surprised me. They are so sweet! Ofcourse it made me scream and cry a little when they walked in the door. Christy had to get some love from the babies since she doesnt get to see them that often.

All the girls!!!
Landen was acting so shy and not talking to any of us...except me. He was my boyfriend for the night. We even matched, so of course we had to get a picture together.
Me and Allison
Me and Brooke
Me and Christi

i had a great party at my aunts house on Sunday. Aunt Susie took more pics, so I'll upload those later. Me and Kristy...I love that girl!
ok seriously how cute is this!!! I should win an award for being able to a. take a pic of my brother and b. get the sweetest pic of Ella Grace!!!

I love my sister in law! She has been so great to me. I am thankful that we arent just family, but that we are friends.
Lacy has been so great to me. I am so thankful she and Ray live in Valdosta and can come to all our Valdosta family ge togethers. (Thanks for the broccoli salad!)

Emily was so kind to get me out of Valdosta for my birthday. We drove to Tallahassee and had a fabulous time. We did some shopping and then we went to eat at Carrabbas! So yummy!

We had a not so great waiter so I shouldnt have expected this picture to be great. Thanks to my lovely camera, I can do it all by myself. We were going to have a pretty backdrop, but after sitting in the dark for an hour, the sun nearly blinded us.

I was very glad I got to hang out with Kasey, Rachel, and Katie on my birthday! I love you guys!

Melanie, Amanda and Rose took me to Tripper's on Tuesday night for my birthday dinner. Rose had to leave early because she was not feeling well, so the pic is just the 3 musketeers!
I am so thankful to have Melanie and Amanda as my friends. They truly bless me with their friendship. They gave me some beautiful Pandora earrings from Steel's which I love!

I didnt even know what face Mel was making until I went to post the pics. Too funny!


Hannah Hoffmann said...

So glad you had such a fun (and long!) birthday!!! Friends are a blessing...

Whitney said... blog did not update so I was unaware that you put up a new post. Im so glad you had a happy birthday. Love ya!