Ella Grace and Emma like to celebrate like their Aunt Heather. We had a little party for them last night at their house and they will have a big party on Saturday with all their friends and family. Good stuff!

This was the face of the kid thinking, "But I want to eat it, why are they telling me not to eat my candle"
a chocolate mess!
a two-handed bite
Aunt Heather and Emma
Emma decided she'd rather have a top cart (translation-pop tart) than birthday cake!
Aunt Heather and Ella Grace
Their birthday cake their mommy made for them!
Emma kept saying cupcake, cupcake while we were getting them in their highchairs. They both blew out their candles successfully!
Yummy, look at the frosting!!
Ella Grace wanted to lick and eat her candle! Maybe we will get her a cookie in the shape of her candle for next year.

I think she was ready to get her aqua doodle out of the box.
Ella Grace and her new baby doll.
Emma loves to look at the pictures on your camera.
Emma and her G-Daddy getting her baby doll out of the childproof box.
Ella Grace tears through the tissue paper to get to her present, whereas Emma(like her daddy) is going to clean along the way-each piece of tissue paper she took out she would crumple up and put in another bag. Too cute!

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Anonymous said...

WHAT????????? Another G-daddy???
What is the other grandmother called? Grammy?