I had the best time with my friends last night at my birthday party. We ate and played with the babies and had a really good time just being with each other. (more to come on that and with pictures) However, last night when I got home, I was beside myself with sadness. I dont understand how I can be perfectly happy and feeling so blessed one minute and then crying and sad the next. I miss my dad. I didnt think my birthday without him would be such a big deal. I cried a lot. I called my friend Tina who was kind enough to talk to me in my histerics. I went to sleep, thanks to ambien, and I woke up for church, not feeling much better. I got ready and realized once again that I was so blessed to have the father that I did. I was blessed to have 26 years with him. I was determined on my way to church that God was trying to teach me something and I was going to learn.
A lot of people gave me birthday cards today which was a blessing. One person in particular handed me a card, which I thought was a birthday card. Much to my surprise it was a thank you card. I wont mention the family's name incase they don't want me to. However, they said they were blessed by me leaving my sheets behind in Mexico (work sheets that I took to sleep on) and they wanted to help me get some new ones. There was a Target gift card enclosed. I couldnt believe how gracious my God was being to me when I was wallowing in my sadness just 15 hours before. I guess that's why we are called to Trust Him in everything. Thank you so much to the family who truly blessed me today. It was definitely an answer to prayers and a burden lifted. My God does provide. He is good in the good and in the bad. I will continue to Praise Him even in the storms!!!

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KateVonGlahn said...

Keep hanging in there. Remember that grief is personal and your journey is going to look like your journey - nobody else's.