A few waiting for Sala after breakfast. I had to get up early this day and go help in the kitchen setting tables and then cleaning afterwards. You only had 15 min to eat a meal(not really sure why) so there was sufficient time to hang out before Sala at 8am.

Sharon enjoyed the fact that she could use her phone and had a good rate plan!
For my cousin Hannah who I know will say how pretty I look in this picture to be on a mission trip...just remember it was only 8am! Me and Barbara in Sala on the back row!
Dr Mark Eanes and his wife Jo
We had different musical people each day to lead us in worship. They were practicing before Sala so I took a chance to grab their photo.

This boy was looking around to see if he liked his new glasses and if they worked for him. Mrs. Barbara gave out tons of glasses during the week. FYI-if anyone has childrens glasses, they are in need.
Jeffrey was working on the sterilizer machine right outside of the O. R. God has really blessed him with the ability to fix things.
Dr Lance Haluka took a break from working to make a funny face for my picture, he's a laugh and a half.

After a long day of work we headed off to the Baja Restaurant for some authentic Mexican food. It was so great!

one of the tables of our big group of 32
ok so they have glass bottles of coke and it tasted so good! I meant to take a picture of the Diet Coke bottle for Patsy and Mexico, it's called Coke Light.

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Hannah Hoffmann said...

Not pretty just because it was only 8 a.m. Pretty just because you are!