Thanks to my cousin Whitney who was my shrink on Saturday. I tried to be positive while I was on the phone with her b/c I knew she was having a rough time herself having just moved from CO to Oregon with her husband to go to law school. I just told her I was taking it one day at a time. It's my new standard statement when people ask me How I'm Doing. (Once again, thanks to those who read my blog). If I could afford to see a therapist, they would probably tell me the same thing Whitney did. She said, don't let anyone make you think you are being abnormal. That was what I needed to hear. Especially from her. I keep feeling like I should be stronger after all I am blessed and there are a lot of people worse off. When in reality, I just have hormonal days. I just have days where I cry. I had 4 clients today and unknown to them, I cried during all of the sessions. I was praying for them and my mind wondered to the hospital and the funeral and what its going to be like going to get a headstone and going to Savannah to hear him be honored at the TAC conference. I keep thinking about not having him here for my birthday. (selfish I know) I mean wouldnt you cry if you were 26 and you lost your father. The father that you are so much alike. The father who was your support, protector, love, dose of reality and ofcourse so much more. If all your friends were married and starting families. If your whole world was turned upside down...wouldnt you cry?
On the positive side...I am not worrying about finding a roommate. It's a really big deal! I just know God has a plan for it all. Whether it's just a test to see how much I trust Him or maybe I need to be on my own. I'm not sure. I just know that I have plenty of other things to think about. I wish the best for my roommate, Stacey. She has been a great friend to me.
On another note, mom and I kept the girls on Sat and Sun. She more so than me. They were such little messes. They are talking so much and are so much fun. It's neat trying to figure out what they are saying. I will say Ella Grace showed me how smart she is. Most of you know my siter in law and I have the same silver explorers. Her's is newer and cleaner than mine. Well, we went to eat Sunday lunch at my aunt's house and mom parked Heather's car right beside mine. When we went to leave I accidentally walked up to my car instead of Heather's. Ella Grace said, " Heather's car". (ok so she still doesnt pronounce my name correctly, but it's precious everytime the girls hollar my name.) I said oh, you are right. You are so smart! I would post pics but my camera is still being held captive at Cannon where it's being fixed. I used one time use cameras at my friend Kasey's wedding after mine broke. I got the pics back and out of 3 cameras, I only got 20 good pictures. That's sad! I hope I get my camera back before my birthday.
I gues that's all for now...I'm tired and I need to ice my forearms before I go to bed. Yes, I usually tell people my hands dont bother me, but you can only ignore your body for so long.
oh yes and I love the Olympics...the sheer sport and talent of the atheletes! My favs are ofcourse Michael Phelps and swimming, beach volleyball and May-Treanor & Walsh and girls gymnastics Shaun and Nastia! GO USA!

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