I'm having trouble posting pics and I want to do that to explain about my trip so bear with me until they are up. Until then, I will share a poem that was on a card my grandma just sent me. She continues to be such a blessing to me.

"Tough times don't last"
I said, "Lord, I can't take it!"
He said, "I'll see you through it."
I said, "But what if I fall down?"
He said, "I'll carry you."

I said, "My fears are many."
He said, "Trust Me alone."
I said, "But I'm discouraged"
He said, "I'll cheer you on"

I said, "These tough times hurt."
He said, "Please let me help-
Remember I love you."
I said, "Lord I accept you"

I can say this trip was a huge blessing. I know how much my Heavenly Father loves me. I am still sad and I still miss my dad, but I am going to try to focus on serving my creator. I realize the pain will never go away. It's just a part of me now and I accept that.


Coach BLISS said...

I am sorry for your loss,but I am so glad that you are focusing on our CREATOR !
Stay in HIS arms.

Whitney said...

The timing of your trip to Mexico was no accident....I believe it was God showing you that you have the ability to feel something other than pain. I love you and Im proud of what you did in Mexico.