okay so Monday night, I went to the grocery store with my mom. We were talking about my living situation and her current living situation. It's not safe for her there any more. The neighborhood has changed. There's also something undeniable about the fact that no one messed with my parents house when my dad was there. The black unmarked car and the occasional patrol car kept criminals away! (Thanks to all the police who keep us safe each and every day!) Anyways, mom and I are talking and she says something about moving in with me until Chris and Heather get their house built and she can move into Greystone. Apparently, Chris and mom had already discussed her living with me. Ofcourse my first response was, "we would kill each other". Then I started thinking it would help me out for a little while and it would allow my mom to be and feel safe again. Maybe it will even strengthen our relationship. (On a side note, I have to say I'm sorry to my mom and to all who have heard me talk disrespectfully to my mom. Just because we are different doesnt mean I should be mean. I'm sorry. I love you so much and want our relationship to show that. I hope we can both move on from the past.) Sooooo there it is. I am praying that if it's God's will, He will work everything out. It might take us forever to go through the 31 years of stuff in the Iola house, but stay tuned.

Tuesday night I went to dinner with my friend Miranda. I ate sushi and it made me happy. I think it grossed her out, but I just love it! We had a good time chatting and catching up. She was astounded when I told her I hadnt seen the movie, Facing the Giants. We had to watch it. She prepared me for some tears. If you for some reason are odd like me and havent seen the movie, I strongly urge you to go rent it or better yet go buy it, you will want to watch it over and over. The movie has God all over it. I cried so many happy tears of thankfulness for my salvation and the grace He chooses to give us when we do not deserve it! It pumped me up, too. I can't wait to watch it again so I can write down some awesome things to share. We were even watching the credits listening to the last song and I saw one of the characters names is Bill Butler. I cried a little more. Anyways, it's a really good movie! Thanks Miranda for the great meal and your fabulous friendship.

Wednesday night I went to choir practice. Yes, that's right. I am back singing in the choir. I love to sing. I believe God gave me a voice to sing. My dad always told me how he liked seeing me in the choir. Somehow, I felt like he saw me singing in church Sunday. Anyways, the first Wednesday practice, I cried. The second Wednesday I was fine. So I didnt even think about crying when I went last night. Until we started to sing I wont have to cross Jordan alone. Do you need the words, cause I might cry typing them...I wont have to cross Jordan alone Jesus died all my sins to atone When the darkness I see He'll be waiting for me I wont have to cross Jordan alone. Then there's a part that says He'll hold my hand He'll hold my hand as over death's river I go and safe I'll be in beautiful Heaven I know. So I wasnt crying out of sadness. I was crying at the thought of my Heavenly Father ushering my earthly father into Heaven. I mean can you even imagine?
After choir practice, I met my mom and my dad's 2 good friends in law enforcement at Applebees. Elaine lives in Rome, GA and Trudy lives in Zebulon, GA. They take a road trip to Ormond Beach before the TAC conference each year. They were so gracious to stop and eat with us. I love hearing them talk with so much love and respect for my dad. They are so nice and a pure hoot to be around. They are very smart. I can imagine my dad had great respect for them. They shared so many common ideals for the things that needed to be done for the good of the system and the people. I am looking forward to spending more time with them in Savannah.

Tonight I went to dinner with my friend Lisa. We had so much fun chatting and catching up. I laughed so much. It was some much needed girl time and I loved it. Thanks Lisa! You are so great. I'm not liking that it's so "not safe" for kids and teachers to go to school tom, but I have to work! Oh well. I hope you all have had a blessed week. Please dont forget to pray for us sat as we go to pick out dad's headstone. I love you all!


Whitney said...

Have you read "The Shack"...if not you should! The book talks about how life is about having relationships with people in our lives like with have with our maker. I think you and your mom moving in together is a great opportunity for growth in your relationship.

KateVonGlahn said...

You'll know what to do about the roomate situation. He'll show you.

Lisa Eckwahl said...

I had a great time at dinner too! We definately need to do it more often... I love you!