Every morning we would go to Sala(morning devotion). There would be songs to sing and a brief Bible lesson and then prayer. At the mission, you can actually "check out" a kid to take to Sala with you. I know you are thinking that's crazy...that would never happen in the US. Barbara brought this beautiful little girl to Sala. She has a knack for entertaining children and keeping them quiet during church. The other sad thing about this place is that the Mexican government will tie up adoptions by Americans for 6 to 7 years just so they can make more money. I pray that God will change that or keep providing great places like this mission to care for the babies that the parents don't want.
If someone can help me figure out how to flip my pictures upright...that would be great. This was the morning ritual in the clinic. The entire medical staff would get together and pray and then we would sing Holy Ground, first in Spanish then in English. It was beautiful.

Ellie is actually a nurse at the clinic. She dressed up as a clown to entertain the kids and teach some much needed health education while the people waited in the line to see the Drs.

The sight outside of one of the clinic doors. How often do we complain about sitting in a comfortably air conditioned waiting room. (FYI- if my cardiologist was 3 hrs late to see me in the office because he was at the hospital taking care of another patient, that's fine with me. I'm thankful that we had the best Drs. doing everything they could for my dad and while I'm sorry if it inconvenienced some people, I'm glad they were at the hospital instead of at their office.)

the reception desk and the inside waiting room to see the internal medicine Drs. The translaters and staff had these blue shirts on which helped us all. Nora, the lady leaning over did all my scheduling and was such a help to me.

arent they a cute couple in their O. R. hats?

Bro. David, my church's minister of music, and his wife Tammy. Bro David helped Dr Mark and Mrs. Tammy was the "Pharmacist" for the week. It's also amazing how the people could get some ibuprofen and think it was a miracle drug and I myself take way too much for the smallest of aches and still complain.

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