I dont think you guys want to know everything about my trip. Plus, to tell you the truth, my journaling dwindled as the days went on and my body got more and more tired. (There will be lots of pics though.) I will say that this day was very interesting...seeing a different way of people worshipping God. Pastor Ken had an interpreter that truly translated Jesus! They did a baby dedication and they talked about the story of Hannah. It was so sweet. I had a small cryon the front row of the church(ofcourse) as I passed by a pic of my dad in my Bible. I so deeply want to have the hole in my heart filled so the sorrow will go away. The irony is that my dad would be the one I would cry to and would give me the "it's gonna be okay" speech. Barbara Jordan was sitting next to me and has lost both of her parents. She gently touched my arm and sent me some love. We ended up having a good talk about loss later in the week.
Allison helped me in the afternoons. I wanted to wash the people's feet that I worked on. The mission is a bunch of dirt. The people's feet are very dirty. I can imagine this is what it was like when Jesus lived. I believe foot washing is a humbling act and a true act of service. I wanted the people I worked on to know I was there only because of God.

my massage room for the week. It was humbling all by itself. I am so thankful for carpet and air conditioning. I am very blessed to have my office and want everyone to know that I know I am blessed.

Marcia and Becky getting the Operating Room ready

Brad's exam room

the back side of our living quarters

there were beautiful flowers in the field next to our living quarters

the worship service on Sunday night

Yes there is pizza in Mexico and it was really good!

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