ok so I worked in the morning and in the afternoon I went on "child Evangelism". you get in a group of 9-11 and go with a teacher a surrounding neighborhood. Leydi was our teacher. Basically its like having vacation bible school with a bible lesson a song or two and at the end the kids get a glass of milk and a spoon of peanut butter. We literally rode up and down these awful bumpy poverished roads with Leydi calling out to the kids to go to the church. The kids know to go to the church and wait for her to get their. After 5 roads we arrive at the church to 54 children waiting for their spiritual and physical nourishment. It was a gut check!
the church where the kids came to have their Bible lesson with no air and only windows for lighting.

kids taking care of their siblings.
ok so they did bring the teacher some flowers!

these girls really had fun with me trying to tell them to smile so I could take their picture considering that my Spanish stinks! oh yeah and my right hand was covered in peanut butter so it was quite interesting trying to focus the camera
they were so happy
I wanted to give these kids the biggest scoop of peanut butter I could. When I saw the crappy plastic dirty spoons and cups they had, it broke my heart. My friend Miranda told me they probably got those from the dump. The dump! Just so they can have a scoop of peanut butter and a cup of milk!!!
The line of boys and girls at the back of the van rather, understandingly, impatiently waiting for their nutrition.
Allison and I after the Bible lesson. The kids brought in beautiful flowers for the teacher. Allison went back to the back of the room to help keep some kids quiet and they brought her the flowers instead of the teacher. "little is much, when God is in it"

But for the grace of God...
i dont have to say anything, do I?
cardboards for fences
the most stable of the houses I saw while out in the neighborhood

Charla, the founder of the mission, came to our nightly meeting to talk to us about how God gave her the vision to start the mission. She has even written a book about it.

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