Barbara and Shanna checked out kids for Sala this morning. This little boy was just sooo cute!
After we worked in the am everything was pretty much shutting down allowing the visitors to get ready to leave. We got to take a van and go to a market in the park. They had all kinds of stuff you could buy. Allison tried on this really cute shirt, but found a cuter one after doing some digging.
This was a lady who was making a belt out of coke tabs and thread. We had seen the belts at the mission's gift shop so it was neat to figure out how they were made.
Shanna, Barbara and Holly doing some shopping
It looks like a flea market
My new friends Becky and Mike
They had a going away party for a family that had been at the mission for 2 years. We got to eat grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner!!

Tim Reaves, a baker at Publix worked in the Nut House all week. Mrs. Dorothy was so excited to have professional help for the week. Tim did a great job on the cake. This is what was on one side of it.

These boys were trying to play tricks on us and Dr Mark had fun playing with them.
This little girl was so sweet. She came up and plopped herself down in Robbie's lap. Then she played musical laps and thus the next couple of pics.
Oh, this is the kids waiting for the cake to be cut.

She stayed with Bro. Jerome the longest amount of time. He was singing Jesus loves me to her in this pic.


Hannah Hoffmann said...

I got a little teary at the sweetness of the last picture!

KateVonGlahn said...

I like seeing all of the pictures. Foreign countries are such a huge shift of thinking for us aren't they? I'm so glad that you got to go.