I have no fancy words, I 'm not going to defend my Christianity or evewn defend my tears. I am just coming to you my faithful readers to ask for prayer. I know that Satan is trying to get me to be ill with God. I know that he is attacking me because I am seeking even more so to live for Christ. I just need some help. Not only was Sunday the 4 month mark, but we are finally going to go pick out his headstone. My mom officially bought my brother's house, he and Heather are in the process of building them one and we all are going to have to deal with selling of the house on Iola. I had a little breakdown last week thinking about my future. Most of you know that my business partner and her husband will be leaving in about a year for him to go to school. I knew that when I became a partner with her. I didnt know that after opening a business at 24 how successful it would be and that my dad would pass away and i would not be married. No I dont count on a man for financial stability, but its hard being self-employed and single. So I said last week that I would trust God to provide me with a new business partner or to somehow work it all out in His will, not mine. I know He can provide. I told myself I was not going to waste the breath God gave me worrying about it. I didnt know last week that my roommate was going to tell me this week that's she's moving out. So if I dont get another roommate or find another business partner within a year I will be carrying rent on an office and a mortgage by myself. Yes, I know God can provide. Yes, I know that I could be in a lot worse situations. I am just a little stressed out that everything is happening on top of one another. I just needed to cry out to someone other than myself for a moment.

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