I interrupt this regularly scheduled display of the trip to Mexico to share about this week. I know you have all been waiting on me to whine a little. (that was sarcasm if you didnt catch it, me and my dad were great at it) Satan has been attacking me all week. Now duh, I know this is because I just got back from my trip and I am seeking to live for the Lord even more. Thanks to Whitney for her comment. The pain is gone. Halleluiah! Wait for it...I'm still sad. I still miss him, but it is getting a little better to bear. I talked with my grandmother this week who is so wise and godly. She asked me if I was doing any better and I said yes but started to cry. (I'm also a sucker for her sweet voice) I said, I just miss him. She said, Oh Heather, we are always gonna miss him. So I'm gonna continue to allow myself to be sad when I need to and miss him always, but I am going to continue living my life for both my father and my Heavenly Father. Tom. will be 4 months since he passed away. Please pray for me and my family.

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