We arrived at the church at 6am and left on a charter bus to ATL. We flew from Atlanta to San Diego and then drove 5 1/2 hours to Baja, Mexico. (We stopped at the last Wal Mart possible in Ensenada about halfway to buy as much as we could get in our 30 min time frame. my plane buddies, Robbie and Marcia Dixon
the lovely view out of my window

this picture made me think about God and how He created everything in His way and His time and it was good. It made me wonder how we could be so close to the beautiful clouds and wonder where Heaven is. I thought how neat it would be if my dad was hanging out right next to me.

i wish this pic loaded the correct way... just turn your head and realize how steep of a road this is! It's in Tijauana(sp). I was very glad that we were not going up it in our van.

Allison and Debbie Haluka were my van partners for the long and crazy!! drive to Baja.

very winding roads in and out of the mountains to get to Baja! scary!

my first taste of an authentic Mexcian taco. These folks didnt mess around.

Dr. Mark took his turn at chopping up the meat with a large knife...I think he should stick to delicate eye surgery.(hehe)

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