Congrats Dan & Amanda
First dance
Love you Dan!

The terrace

Very cool table decor!
The Reception...
I only took a couple of photographs during the wedding. They were so happy!

The ceremony
She looked so pretty, we were afraid to touch her.
Isn't she lovely...

Right before the wedding...
Amanda and the girls are back with their faces and hair all done up right!

The place had a belly flop contest for kids and Jeff and Missy were judges...too funny.
me and the boys hung out while the bride and bridesmaids were doing there thing. I was just happy to be away from the "real world".
The funny thing was Jim, Amanda's dad, and I had to drive the golf cart up to the inn and trade it for Amanda's car. We got some honks on the way!

Isn't it cute!
We were were enjoying ourselves.
We decorated the golf cart with puff balls and pink and black ribbon and a sign that Dan painted. Yes it was early in the am and dont really know what is posessing me to put this awful pic of myself out on the web except maybe the fact that it is already all over facebook.
Amanda, Cara, Roxanne, Ashley, and Melanie ready to practice
Amanda's mom and brother. Love them both!
Madison and Me before the Rehearsal. We bonded since we were always around and not doing the main wedding stuff.

I love my Mel!

Melanie, Amanda, Cara, and Ashley

The start of our pool/beach time...Thursday until the rehearsal and all morning Friday until the wedding! Woohoo! Madison and Roxanne

This is the view outside our condo.

I had a pic of all the girls outside the restaurant on here, but accidentally deleted it and it's too difficult to upload and get back in the same spot.

The Bridesmaid's Luncheon on Thursday morning.

We have so much fun together!

Ashley and Melanie were the last to arrive and ofcourse that's when the fun really began!

Madison and Matt, Amanda's brother

We started out on Wed with everyone arriving to celebrate Amanda's birthday!

Awww I forgot how great an actual vacation could be. I mean 5 solid days away from work and everyday Valdosta Georgia living! It was so refreshing. I was so thankful to be apart of Dan and Amanda's wedding extravaganza!


Hannah Hoffmann said...

It looks like you had lots of fun! Yay for you!

I guess we're off Aunt Ann's bad list now that we've both updated our blogs!

Amanda said...

YAY I made the blog! haha! I'm so glad you were there w/ us and hope you had as much fun as we did! (ER and all)! love you