There is a great story in the Valdosta Daily Times about my dear friend Sabrina Smith. You can look at it at I copied the pictures that were included.
Haha..I asked her if she could get her head through the door today. Then I asked her for her autograph!

In all seriousness, I am thankful that Sabrina got the recognition she deserves. I was very thankful that a Christian was spotlighted and she did her best to give God glory for her life. I love you Sabrina.


Hannah Hoffmann said...

I wonder if I will be the only person who notices that due to the way she is standing in the second picture, the cop car reads, "Valdosta Lice". :)

Heather said...

oh my gosh that is too funny! She will find that funny too!

Anonymous said...

Listen ladies...I can't help it if I have big thighs. If I would have moved over a bit, it would only say ICE which is one of the LCSO drug interdiction teams. Hannah, I will look for you and I will find you (from the movie, Taken).

TO MY LIL SIS aka "Lil' Bit": Thank you for my segment on your blog spot. You are also on my web page at (pictures too). Thank you for remaining so faithful to our sista-hood. You know how much you mean to me....4 life. Stay encouraged. Your story is far greater than mine!!!

Luv ya-

Valdosta Lice! :-)