Father's Day Weekend

I was pretty much dreading this weekend just because I didn't want to be sad. Saturday 6-18 I had a TMJ Dysfunction Massage Class in Tallahassee. I met some new Therapists that I hope to continue being friends with in the future. The class was great and I learned a lot. Since I didn't have any plans for this night I decided to treat myself to a pedicure. There was a really cool place on the edge of Tally where everyone was super friendly and they had a cool way of upselling their services. This was the tray for my Aromatherapy Pedicure. It was off the chain good!
One of my fav pics of me and Dad. I was going to a Wrestling/Mat Girl Banquet my junior year of high school. He had just had surgery on his foot. Since he couldn't stand up for a pic, I laid down in his recliner. I put this pic up on my facebook in honor of Father's Day. Love You Daddy!

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