Summer Trip to Nashville

lunch w Raeanna at Pei Wei? This was in my fortune cookie. I hate that I didn't get a pic of she and I on this day. She asked me if I wanted to live with her. I cried. My Dad would be so happy. He used to take her out to dinner every time he was in Savannah for work.
6-28-11 I went to Trinity Music for a taping of "Praise the Lord". It comes on TBN. Jason Crabb was the host. It's a really cool show. This show featured new artists. You got to hear them sing and then be interviewed.

My friend, Doug Anderson. He sings with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, but also just cut his first solo record.
My friends Karen and Devin sang background vocals.

On my way to an interview. Thankful the Lord had different plans for me than this place.
Melanie text me this pic of her wearing the t-shirt I gave her. I love that Ashton is creeping over her shoulder.
7-1-11 My first trip to the Grand Ole Opry.

The Jane Dear Girls

My friends, The Isaacs, were playing at the Opry tonight. Thomas
Nate or "Spikit"
Becky & Lily

They sang The National Anthem and killed it!!!

Rodney Atkins

It was a packed house

Darius Rucker

I met Nate & Kelly after the show at Chili's before they headed out for the weekend.

7-2-11 Relaxing by the pool

7-3-11 I went to church at Long Hollow in Hendersonville and then to lunch with Zak & Devin & Karen. This little butterfly was hanging on as I drove back to Nashville.
Fireworks Fair in Hendersonville with The McGlamery's. Karen & Preston
It was HOT!!!

Karlyn trying to do a flip. Bless her she doesn't weigh anything so she was having a hard time pulling her body over.

Going in for a kiss

Karlyn's fearless like her Daddy

7-4-11 Happy 4th of July! I ate lunch at Red Robin for the first time. It was yummm!!! Then Nate & Kelly & I did some shopping and went back to their apt to chill.
These two are so crazy!
Guess who is not good at shooting a bow on the wii??? This girl. Nate & Kelly were kicking mine and

We ended the night at Rio Bravo for a little Mexican. Since I wasn't gonna be in town on the 8th for her birthday, we decided to get her a little early.

A good time was had by all!

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