Just another week in the life...

2-4-12 Love it that Serenity Massage Therapy got nominated for Best place to get a massage in the Best of South Georgia contest again this year!  Hopefully, everyone got out and voted for us/them to get the W!  If not, it was a delight to be nominated and well, we/they know who's the best!

2-5-12 I made these thanks to Pinterest and a friend for finishing the recipe for me.  It's zucchini, a little EVOO, fresh basil, baby tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese.  I think it needed a little more cheese and salt n pepper, but the roomie and I enjoyed them.  I'm trying to get them hang of eating better for life.
2-6-12 Just a little pic I found to send to Lacy while Rigsby is still in the hospital in Macon.  I am so incredibly amazed and proud of how well Ray & Lacy are dealing with all of this.  Their strength inspires me!  I love being able to read the caring bridge posts.  They make me feel like I'm not quite so far away.  I can't wait to see her when I go to Valdosta in May.

Love that Natalie Stovall and her band did an acoustic cover of Adele's song "Someone like you"

There's a new show on the Style Network called "The Amanda's".  It's my new love!  Amanda is an organizational expert and she lives in Birmingham, AL.  Yes, it's a reality show, but she has some really great ideas and concepts on how to keep your life organized.  Something, I definitely struggle with.  I posted a link of one of my favorite episodes so far.  To set it up for you...they are trying to get a costume designer's house organized.  She basically goes through things, sorts them, and then has the throw away, donate, and keep piles.  The client was having a cow about some fabrics that his grandmother or mother had given him.  He stated earlier that he didn't need them, but he was just holding onto them.  She says one of the best things I needed to'll hear it in the clip, but essentially saying it's not about the stuff.  It's about the memories.  Memories can't be taken away.  I needed to hear that.  I beat myself up sometimes when I get caught up in why didn't I save that something of Dad's. Or I look back at old photos and think oh I wish I'd taken a picture of so in so doing that.  Although pics are great and I'll never give up my love for them, it's about the time with those people and the memories that I have that will last forever.
Watch me!

Feb1,7,8 Went out with some girls from work.  First night to Calhoun's (steakhouse) after work for dinner and hang time.  They were doing trivia so we joined in.  Some of the hardest questions ever...these people play for real!  The 7th we all got together at Ashley's house and grilled out.  The weather had been great that day so it wasn't too chilly, but we had the fire pit going just as well.  It's good to be able to get with some coworkers and vent about stupid stuff.  I got a lot of good perspective that night.  Thursday night, Christy and I went to Suzy Wong's.  Seriously, I think they must put some drug in their food because I'm an addict. :)

Official weigh in day............

I lost 2lbs!  Down 22lbs in a month! If I keep this rate going I'll be at my goal weight in no time.  Weighing myself weekly has kept me accountable.  I know things are going to fluctuate weekly like water and such, but it just gives me perspective and the drive!  My clothes are fitting a little bit better too.  It was funny...Raeanna asked me if I've had to go out and buy new clothes.  I told her I was a pro at this.  Yoyo weight gain and loss that is.  I've treated my body horribly since I was a sophomore in high school.  I think I've even gotten to the point of giving up and giving in to the thoughts that people only like/love me when I'm thin.  I know in reality, everyone just wants me to be healthy.  I've just given in so long to the idea that if I'll just be this or do this, that I'll have a,b,c,and d on my list.  I know the core of the issue is that I never saw myself as a beloved child of God.  I accepted His position as ruler and planner and leader and protector and all powerful and all knowing, but never accepted his role as the lover of my soul. I never fully gave into the whole notion that He is loving, He is good, He wants the best for me, and He loves me no matter what.  So that's what I'm choosing to focus on now.

2-10-12 I switched shifts with one of the other Therapists to accommodate a Women's retreat at church.  I figured a trip to Starbucks was deserved for working early on a Friday am.  Nothing says love at 7:30 in the am like a white mocha :)

The retreat at church was called Momentum. The speaker was Lisa Harper.  check her out  She has a wonderful story.  God definitely used her to speak to me.
 Love the thought of snow coming!

 Saturday am headed to the retreat at church and got to see this pretty sight.
The retreat was over around 3pm.  The sun had been out for a while, even though it was still pretty cold.  I saw something hanging from my car.  Upon closer inspection, it was an icicle :)

I almost forgot the reason I was waiting to publish this post.
 "Surviving church as a single" One of my friends at church had this on her Facebook wall.  I laughed so hard when I read it.  I couldn't get over how much of the article I could relate made me feel better to know it happens to other singles. lol