September's story...

 My birthday pic message from the Moorman's while they were at the UGA game
My birthday card from Curry...I took this to send to her to tell her I got it :)
Christy and I celebrated our birthday's at The Melting Pot

loved the little skirt on my lemon

flaming chocolate
Celebrating my birthday at work

The cake was for Christy and the fruit was for me :)
I made a wish for both of us since it was a Thursday and she wasn't there.
I love having great clients.  I now have a regular client now who is a Dentist.  We were talking about the new air flosser and she brought me one!!

A sad day when I heard a pop in the oven and realized my Pampered Chef stone baker burst into two pieces.  I had her for many years!!
Today was a little about organization...I've been making room in my closet by pulling out clothes that are too big for a while now.  However, my drawers have needed an overhaul.  I bought some drawer dividers and folded everything neatly.  This was my sock, panyhose, tights, sports bra drawer.
the after
the after of my tank top drawer.  I was most proud of my bra and underwear drawer results...looks like the drawers at Victoria's Secret, but I figured that might be a little inappropriate to post a pic of. lol
SOOOO our neighbors vines have been coming over our fence and suffocating our landscaping.  Neither Raeanna nor I want to go tell the man to get his yard right, so I took it upon myself to pull the vines since it was a beautiful, cool day in Nashville.  pretty proud of my work!
Enter Dave Ramsey, my super hero!  I enrolled in Financial Peace University through my church.  It's a 9 week course to teach me how to get out of debt, stay out of debt, budget money, how to invest and a whole lot more! My favorite things about the course are 1. how scriptural based it is (never realized there were so many verses in Proverbs dealing with money 2. how he says he doesn't care what you spend your money on as long as you budget it 3. someone's finally teaching me how to budget money 4. soon he'll be teaching me how to invest money
Brooke Strickland may be the only friend I have that truly understands how crazy sentimental I am...this is the second birthday card she sent me after the first one got lost in the snail mail.
Love getting mail like this :)
doing it up right for the UGA vs Vandy game at the house with Josh & Raeanna
Excited to be part of Jeremy's show at The Bluebird Cafe
 me with Jeremy's family
Richie McDonald from Lonestar has cut 2 of Jeremy's songs
Richie singing Jeremy's song "Just the Rain"
got to sit with Jeremy's family

 9-28-12 Friday morning girl chatter at Starbuck's in Valdosta with Shelly
 lunch and hang time with Jenny and the kiddos
 Ben "said" he wanted a picture with me like his sisters, but this is the look I got. lol
I love Charlotte and Vivian!  They were so sweet and excited to see "pink Heather"
 tailgating and enjoying the Cat Walk before the Wildcat football game

Loved being able to see Tammy Eunice before the game
 Great having connections to get me a football ticket and back into my high school days :)
 Such sweet friends! Rebecca and Wendy
Friday night lights!!!!!!!!!
Saturday morning at Tiny Bubbles to celebrate Emma and Ella Grace's 6th Birthday

telling her Mama a secret
SO glad I got to spend some time with Cari Clyatt Wilkes...a blast from the past for sure

Ella Grace was proud of her cupcake mustache

showing me her teeth with her new baby alive teeth doll

Ella Grace showing me that she was happy with the Stuffie I got her
Emma rockin out with her new guitar and her "Tangled" hair
 sportin one of their new shirts...such little sassypants! and I love it!!!
 UGA vs Tennessee at The Purvis house

love this sweet girl!
You know never to wake a sleeping baby, but I just wanted to get some love from her!!!
She finally forgave me after she ate dinner and had a bath.
looks like she's giving me a model pose  :)
Sunday, September 30th.  Happy Birthday to my Mama!!! A new UGA water bottle and a girl and boy Christmas elf.  Sorry we didn't take a picture together today.

Jay on the zipline.  Annyson wanted to do it so Sam got her all harnessed up and then she didn't want any part of it.  She was happy to watch Uncle Jay do it though.

Only a small portion of our very large family at Aunt Clair's for Grandaddy & Uncle Rudy's birthday

I had to take a pic of some of my Grandaddy's cows. It was interesting how they were staring at me when I drove up. It was a Mama and her twins :)
Pretty excited that the blankee I got Eli was his first monogrammed piece and that the picture frame I got matched his new dresser perfectly!
Just like the good ole days with Emily! So ecstatic to see her and her baby belly that we have long prayed for!
Sunday night game night with The Wilchers. Sandra and I even made a run to Publix so she could use some coupons before they expired.  She got a counter full of stuff for just $22. Good ole PG fun.
Monday Oct 1st- Loved being in town for the birth of Dan and Amanda's little boy, James "McKey" Tillman

lunch with Amanda Hadsock
 afternoon playtime with Brooker and Curry
Ashton picked out the angry birds mask to wear at homecoming week for "animal day"
Mills wanted to be like his big brother.  I got to see him play football at The Boys & Girls Club on Toombs about going back in time!!!
Ashley keeps me inspired on the weight loss front. 
Bay giving Mills a "massage" like "Miss Heaver" does Those two are crazy!
Love me some Mel!
Tuesday 10-2-12 I stopped by to see Aunt Susie at her office. She was sickly on Sunday so this was my only chance to see her. I guess we talked a little too long cause she got the phone call to get back to work. lol
 lunch at Steel's with Liz
went to Sentinel to see Kasey...sad I didn't get to meet Molly Anne this trip
 happy girl
 Front porch rocking time with Bailey while we wait on Mommy to get off work.
I've kinda gotten use to this being my last stop before heading back to Nashville. Love my BFF!