October 2012 part 1

10-3-12 So maybe a little more birthday celebrating for me. lol.  Christy and I went to see the movie, Pitch Perfect, after having some delicious sushi at Lemongrass in Bellevue

Christy is so talented & artsy
 10-5-12  So excited to have Kris and Hannah and Kris' parents in town.  I picked them up from the airport and decided Loveless would be a delicious way to introduce them to Nashville.
 It was an absolutely beautiful day!
 Love my sweet cousin!
 10-6-12  Getting Ken & Barbie dressed for a wedding
 All dressed up and ready to go

 10-7-12 Sunday Brunch at Urban can kinda make out who we are. lol
Sisterly love
 Pretty happy girl.  Started dating an amazingly sweet fella on Oct 14th. 
 my fortune on our sushi picnic date
 Movie night w Jason
He works as an office manager for a mortgage broker so the office dressed up for Halloween to go around to real estate offices.  He was oh so not so happy about the makeup part of the scarecrow costume.
 After dating 5 weeks, we realized we were just in two different places with our relationship with God and it wasn't going to change.  :(  Heartbreaking because he is such a wonderful guy, but I know there is one thing I won't compromise about my future and that's the role God plays in it.  Jason grew up in the church and knew that it wasn't going to work with us, but he said "a boy can hope".  We decided to have one final date. Sounds crazy, but nothing about our breakup was normal. lol.  We went to Loveless Cafe for dinner and then to Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theatre. 
 I didn't know anything about Chaffin's, but I'm so glad he introduced me to it.  They do several different shows all throughout the year. This one was a mix of comical events and topics that happen around Christmas to the sweet sentiments of the season.  It was wonderful!
 The Big Bang piano bar downtown...these guys are so incredibly talented!  You request a song...they can play it.  Unreal!
And now back to October...
 10-18-12 Beautiful morning driving around the outskirts of Nashville

 love Fall!!!
Stacey sent me this pic of Bailey wearing the outfit I got her!
My friends from Long Hollow, Amanda and Jamie

Kate, me and Kelly getting ready for the run

curtsy  time
being silly

we finally all got air
Daniel, Kate's husband, was our token male for the day lol
stretch it out

dance party pregame

uh...maybe we should've used the restroom before we got in the start line

Elvis came out to the run
long line in the port a potty
a little stinky says Kate

let's do this
after the yellow color zone

orange color zone

blue color zone

came you say PURPLE?

this was the real dance party after the run

our backsides

the after pic

The run was SOOOO much FUN!!!

yes ma'am!!!
We went to National Underground after the run for some lunch and met Joey DeGraw!!!!

Well, I should've known something bad would happen if I was trying to update my blog!  I just got an error warning saying I'm out of photo storage space for my blog and they want me to pay for more storage! ugh!  I'll have to figure this out another day.  Enjoy part 1 of October.