MR & MRS MCCRARY 5-22 & 5-23-09

Brandy and Justin at the Rehearsal Dinner. It rained on us during the rehearsal, but they didn't let it phase them.
The three Musketeers for the weekend. Rozie, Kristy, and me
Nadia and Max. I am so thankful to be friends with Nadia. She's my friend that had to move to Savannah and the reason why I have my new roommate, Cristina!
Noctourne Plantation in Quitman. The setup was so pretty.
Jake, Tara, Joey, and Trista at dinner
Me and my cousins. I love them!
me, Emily Tillman, Emily Copeland, and Kristy
Emily and cute!
on the way home
Sam and Kristy

The flower precious

Here comes the bride

releasing butterflies in memory of her mom

the prayer
the kiss

The newlyweds

Cousin Ray and Lacy

I love my family! It was neat that so many of us were at an event together.

Love you!

Their first dance


Brandy and her Daddy broke it down. You know the youtube video where the couple starts off slow dancing and then breaks into a choreographed routine...this was them! So cute!

Janae, me, and Kristy I love love this pic of us!!!
Love You B!

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