So with the passing of Heather's mom and realizing she was about to go through everything we had just gone through, my heart has been broken. I have cried so many tears over JoKaron. I loved her flair. She was a larger than life kinda person. You always saw her with some kind of sparkle whether in her hair, fingernails, eyeshadow, or just in her eyes. She was a great Christian. Among other things, when she would get a massage we would talk about God. I can hear her yelling from inside my room, "I'm ready". Normally I would be frustrated at my clients for being loud, but I would just say...that's JoKaron for ya and smile. I loved the "Mimi" that she was to my nieces. They loved her. The girls would talk about what they did at Mimi's house. I'm thankful her schedule with work and teaching was flexible enough to where she could keep them some and spend time with them. A blessing, no doubt. JoKaron always made the best birthday cakes for Heather...only homemade cream cheese icing would do. There are so many other stories I could share. But for now, I will just say that she was an amazing woman, whom I loved and will be missed!

Everytime I begin to miss my dad, something happens to make me miss him even more. It wasn't until someone said something to me that I thought about it differently. You see, on Wednesday am I woke up crying for my dad. I haven't done that in a long time! I prayed and pushed the tears away to get on with my day. Then on my way to work, on every road that I turned, I saw a police car. It made me cry even more. I wrote on my facebook status about seeing all the police cars and said it was God's sense of make me face something I knew would upset me. Then a dear friend said, "that's your dad's way of showing you he's watching out for you." I'm choosing to believe she's right. I'm choosing to believe that God gives us those times to bring remind our brain of all the wonderful memories we had together. I'm choosing to believe that somehow they get to see us in the happy moments. I know there is no sadness in Heaven so thankfully my dad won't have to see me mess up any! I'm just so thankful for him and the love he gave me. He is my angel now watching over me way better than he ever could have down here! I love you, Daddy.

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Leslie Barton said...

What a sweet post. JoKaren and your Dad were such sweet people, who will be missed by all who knew them.

Love ya!