MEXICO 2009 part 1

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 7-24, 25 (START AT THE BOTTOM AND SCROLL UP) It was a beautiful drive even though it didnt feel so beautiful going through the mountains around crazy curves in 15 passenger vans!
I love my camera! I took these pics through the window of the van!

Bellies full, ready to get back in the vans to ride some more. Shelbi, me, Mrs. Tammy, Joy, Emily, and Amanda
Bc of the language barrier, Bro David got a plate of raw shrimp instead of cooked.
The band played for us while we ate. They only knew one Christian song and it was the old hymn, One Day at a Time.
This is the restaurant where I gave John Norris his nickname, Hoover!
Truly authentic...

Shelbi, Joy, and Emily...the second row passengers
The van ride to Vicente Guerrero. Debbie and I enjoyed the front row of the van to ourselves...
The view from San Diego. We got a treat this year to fly into San Diego and spend the night instead of having to immediately drive to Mexico.

Seriously look at all those bags!
Dawn and I are great friends. We have so much in common in our personalities. I was very thankful to have her around.

Dawn reading the letter her girls stuck in her bag as a surprise.

The Yates girls
Traffic in times

John found his way of sleeping on the bus. If you could see how tall this kid is you would understand why I took this picture.

So funny. We got a charter bus for the drive to Atl. It's a treat since we can spread out and don't have to have luggage on top of us. Miranda was going to attempt to use the bathroom until she realized that it was like a sauna in there!

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