Somehow, we always ended up in Robbie and Marcia's room at the end of the night. There was always something funny to crack up about!

Notice Dawn, the dental hygenist, with her bottled water, toothpaste and toothbrush!
I really love getting to spend time with church leadership outside of church. Dr Scott and Robbie are deacons. Mrs. Tammy is blocking her husband, Bro David, our Minister of Music.

I had to take a picture with this lady. She asked one of the translators if she could take my picture bc she thought I was beautiful. Just made my day! It also my made hairstylist, Jan's day when I told her the lady wanted a pic of the front and back of my hair.
Shelbi dressed up with a clown to entertain the people while they waited to see the Drs. They also do educational skits. This years theme was how breastfeeding is good and dirty baby bottles are bad. Anali and George are great translators and have become our friends!
Tim works at the bakery at Publix. He gets to work with Mrs. Dorothy in the nut house.(They produce Macadamia nuts. He is serving snacks to the people waiting in the clinic.
We decided to all wear pink! So ofcourse we had to take a picture!
This is the back of our shirts. Heaven In Sight is Dr Mark's group name. FFHM stands for Foundation For His Ministries.
Debbie got up to do the hand motions to a song.
WEDNESDAY: The crew in Sala.
Dawn and Scott were so thankful to be able to talk to their children. Good ole AT&T!!! PS Verizon/Alltel didn't work.
The lady who watches her taught her how to do butterfly kisses. She stole my heart!
Ellie, her mother in law(who Dr Mark did surgery on) and her friend.
Angela is the daughter of Angelina, who is a Receptionist for the clinic. She was so sweet.
I'm not sure what kind of mental deformity she has, but all I could think was how God loves her and that's all that matters. I asked her if I could hold her hand. Not being sure if she would understand me. She reached out and grabbed my hand. So, big surprise, I cried.

Chabella playing with her big pink ball. Love her! She was sitting on the lawn and I just couldn't resist.

4 Different kinds of Mexican koolaid...take your pick...

This is the new Preacher. He was praying over the food and us. He has such a passion for the Lord. It was a blessing watching him worship in Sala.

TUESDAY: Dr Mark thought it would be a good idea to feed the staff at the mission. In America, this would be an easy task. You would just go to Sam's!!! Getting the hot dogs and hamburgers was a little tricky. However, we all pitched in and helped to get everything ready and serve the people.
A tradition for the babies at the Orphanage. Visitors can go "check them out" to take them to Sala. The Yate's sisters with some precious babies.

MONDAY: We had just eaten breakfast at 7am and were ready to head to Sala, morning devotion. Wouldn't it be great if you could sing and praise God and study His word before work everyday! PS There aren't a lot of pictures from Monday because I worked from 9am to 8pm. On Monday nights at the mission, visitors go and babysit all the orphans so that the House Parents can get a break. I thought it would be neat this year to stay late and actually work on some of the House Parents since they usually couldn't break away to come get a massage. It was a blessing all around!

We bought these shirts last year. I swear we didnt plan this! Love Ya Pam!

I even got to help out making pill bags.
Dr Haluka screened some patients on Sunday.
Mrs. Tammy and Miranda making the little baggies of Rx's for the Dr's.
Dawn and Debbie were writing the Rx instruction labels in Spanish.
Getting the operating room setup.
Off to the clinic to set up...well, we had a little play time too. We found the biggest glasses we could find there for this pic. The more interesting thing is that there are really nice glasses, even name brand glasses, that have been donated and we just happened to find these.
Dr Mark stopped to talk to some kids that were playing in the trees. It was such a sweet scene.
This man stopped us on our way back from church and asked us to pray for him.

Bro. David was asked to help with the music for church on Sunday morning. The church at the mission doesn't have a translator so we usually go to a church off site. The mission now has a preacher who is bilingual and preaches at Sala on Sunday mornings. Jeffrey played the guitar, Bro David played the piano, Miranda sang alto and wait for it...I got to sing Soprano. It was such a blessing to help lead the worship time.

Ok, so on Sunday...the kitchen does not serve food. They will make something and you can bring your pots to them and get whatever they make. Usually we don't get to the mission until Sunday night so we've never done this before. Good thing we stopped at Wal Mart 3 hrs before we got to the mission. They served some kind of "pourridge" or oatmeal or something. This is the one time we can all say no thank you and not be offensive. Well, Marcia...God Bless her...ate it and said it was fine and she had this smile on her face. The rest of us just told her we would take her word on it.

Shelbi, me, and Hoover
The taco man...
Jeffrey put on his apron and tried to scream like him too. It all made for a lot of laughs!

Dawn got to experience the screaming taco man firsthand. I don't think I've told this story before. The taco man will randomly yell and beat his knife against the metal wall. It throws you for a loop even when you are prepared for it. The interesting part of his story is that he was close to a heart attack and the Dr told him he had to do something to get his stress level down. So he randomly screams, but he does it with a big smile on his face.

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