Looking out over the Pacific Ocean while eating dinner at Anthony's. It was a great ending to a great trip.

We had several "friends" come right up to us while we were eating.

me and Mrs. Tammy. Enjoying the warmth and being thankful for being out of the vans for a little while.

The guys checking out the view.

Reading the tract...

Jeffrey got out at the border and passed out tracts. It was a great opp since everyone in cars are basically stuck there for at least an hour and there are plenty of vendors trying to sell you items while you wait.

the coastline...

see the cross at the top

seriously beautiful even though my back was killing me and it was incredibly painful to ride in the vans!

Dirk also volunteers as a firefighter. God Bless Him!

Dr Scott got to go for a ride around the mission after we were cleaned/packed up.

My great Receptionists, Angelina and Nora. They were great at keeping my schedule flowing and sheets cleaned. Kind of made me wish I could afford a receptionist! Love you Ladies!

Kristen was a great translator for me. She was so precious and I couldn't have helped so many people without her!

Last night's dinner at the taco stand. It's pretty rare that we get to go to dinner there twice, but we loved it.

It was actually cool at night!

another view of our meeting
We had nightly team meetings in the Doctor's house.

me, taco man, and Amanda. Proof that there's always a ministering opportunity...his wife had just lost her mom and we gathered around her and prayed for her.

We drank a lot of soda while we were there since we couldn't drink the water.

Someone gave John a cookie in the shape of a pig.


Marisol was a great translator. She has a big heart and is funny too.


Tim sharing during Sala.

Playing with Amanda's watch. A good pic of Dr Mark in the background.

See the ring on her finger. She was so precious.

She loved playing with Amanda's ring.

so cute

Mrs. Tammy and Bro. David

Elizabeth, translator, Dawn and Dr. Scott

She was such a big help this week!

An Anali sandwhich...

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Hannah Hoffmann said...

It looks like you had a great trip. I love all the pictures. Hope you're doing well...