Lauren, Meredith, Leigh, Liz, and Me at the dinner of 10 yr High School Reunion. It was on Saturday night. I would have attended more of the weekend activities except it was the weekend I had Bronchitis. I pulled myself out of bed to go to the dinner. I was pretty hot and miserable, but I definitely don't regret going. I love you girls!
Me and Clay Brindger. He was my Junior Prom date! His wife used that in conversation when I met her this night. It was so funny.

Meredith Duggan Bechtel and me. Meredith is my upline Consultant in Southern Living at HOME. It's great that I can still keep in touch with her after all these years.
Ashley and Jessica Moore
Michael and Kori Smith and Michelle and Trent Parkerson
Leigh Clary Abdou and Lauren Cooper Pate
Allison Warren Crenshaw and me. Such a genuinely, sweet girl and she hasn't changed a bit!
Justin, Allison's husband is in a band and they had a show that night. So...he ordered his food early! Normally, I wouldn't blog about that except that our dinner "started" at 7:30 and we didn't eat until 10:30. The food at Austin's was great, but they were not prepared to cook and serve a party of 100! We were all coveting his food!
Elizabeth and Max Oliver. Liz and I are definitely the closest out of all the people I went to high school with. I hope and predict that we will truly be friends forever.
Adrienne Wilkerson and me. This girl was crazy in high school, but we all loved her!
Alice, Allison, Roshni, and Elizabeth
Matt and Heather Dorsey
Alice Gung Park and me. Alice is an awesome Photgrapher in ATL. She was always such a smart, sweet girl growing up!
The spouses of our guys and Elizabeth Oliver and me at the end.

Elizabeth Moody Alexander and me. I am not thankful that we have the common bond of losing a Dad, but she has definitely been a blessing to me. I remember all the fun we had as Matgirls together in high school!
Some of the girls started singing...I'm So Glad. It was a song that we sang/danced to at the end of a game when we won.
The Spouses took these pics. There were like 20 flashes going off at the same time.
Our Sweet Fellas...Bryan, Trent (front), Phillip, Kyle, Clay, Ashley, and Matt
The gang saying, Elizabeth, Leigh, Elizabeth, Lauren, and Meredith

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