The Valdosta family September birthdays...Patsy, Mom, the girls, and me. We have like 7 other birthdays in September on my mom's side of the family. My Grandmother's calendar is quite funy to look at. Thanks to Alicia for the yummy carrot cake and for only putting pecans on half of it for me!!
Emma and Mommy
My Aunt Susie has all this jewelry that the girls play with every week. So cute.
Well, it was as good as it's gonna get. Me and Ella Grace
The can tell which one loves the camera.
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for my Pandora charms!

Dinner at Charlie Tripper's with Rose, Melanie, and Amanda. The boys were there too, but I didn't catch their pic.

I love my sister in law and a lot of times just want to say sister because I love her that much!!

Trying to get this pic was a task!!

Me and Ella

On Sunday, I thought my family was having my birthday party, but it wasn't until the following Sunday. So I took pics with my babies just for fun. Me and Emma.

Jessica took me to dinner on Thursday night. We went to Outback and it was also yummy. Maybe I shouldn't celebrate longer than a day. I consumed a lot of food this week.

Allison and I have been best friends for a very long time.

Jeffrey and Allison took me to dinner on Wednesday night after choir practice. Funny story. We went to Applebees, sat down, and somehow got to talking about Japanese and I said I love it!

So we got up before our waitress came over and went to Ichiban! Gottta love Jeffrey's goofiness.

I love their children, Reid and Abi! They were the first kids to call me Aunt Heather and will always have a special place in my heart. They couldnt find the princess crown and I wasnt going to wear Sandra's over the hill crown, so they settled on a lay(sp).

My yummy oreo ice cream cake.

My friends Sandra and Lance cooked me steak for my birthday dinner. She has been a friend for over 15 years and I love her dearly.

My sweet friend Kasey always sends me flowers to make my day special!

My Aunt Susie gave me this oh so cute yellow purse and my Aunt Ann sent me all the cute earrings.

Emily took me to lunch. Unfortunately my cold had sucked the taste buds out of me and all I wanted was some hot soup. So we went to Ruby Tuesday's and I got the soup and salad bar! Yummy. I got two new Pandora charms that I love! Plus an hour massage to make me smile like this!!!

Ashley Moorman sent me this whole carrot cake from "A little piece of Heaven" I took half of it to him at his office. It was so incredibly thoughtful and boy was it yummy.

I started my day at the Salon getting my hair highlighted and styled. I couldn't work it out to get my massage beforehand so I told Jan to do my hair curly so maybe it wouldn't look greasy by the end of the day. Jan got me a big tervis tumbler with lid and straw and my initial on it. So cute. Actually, my day started at 8am with phone calls from friends singing happy birthday! The other funny thing is that my Blackberry would ding everytime someone text me or messaged me on facebook. My phone went off all was such a great feeling to be so loved!


DOJ Momma said...

You are soooo loved. Glad that your birthweek was GREAT just like you!

Rebecca said...

Girl, you should feel loved, and you are! What a birthday week!!! Surely it lasted longer than a week. That was a LOT to pack in.