The after celebration at Smoking Pig...this is one of my favorite pics of us.
Mommy putting lip gloss on Ella Grace.

Emma watching her sister get some pretty lips.

ready to go dance...

Ella Grace's first dance recital (3 1/2years old)

Emma's first dance recital (3 1/2 years old)

I love my little ballerinas! All of this brought back such found memories.

Mary Bennett was such a little darling.

MB doing her routine with the baby doll.

At one point she decided she would perform to the backdrop. It was hilarious.


Sweet little Mary Bennett Dixon

Ella Grace...we thought she was going to perform for us.

Ella Grace and Emma with their twinkle twinkle prop

They weren't really into dancing today, but they sure did look cute!

Checking out their stars

And their off...

Running around the stage.

Caroline Hobby on the right. I can't believe how big she is getting. I nannied for her when she was 2 weeks old to 3 months.

These little girls were singing at the top of their lungs. It was so cute!

My friend Jenny Cochran's little girl, Charlotte.

Charlotte Cochran

Classic...Ella Grace "doing business" on Daddy's phone while Emma is enamored watching the big girls dance.

Gigi with her girls

The Butler's

Daddy and his angels

Emma was going in her wristlet after the grape flavored lip gloss.

showing off their new wristlets that I got them... best find yet...$1 each at the dollar spot at Target.

the loving moments of sisters

Tractor Sam with Ella Grace

Me and sweet Ella Grace with her purple lip gloss on.

Kristy is such a team player talking on Emma's "phone".

Aunt Susie, Bubba, Mary Bennett, and Emma

Emma entertaining Bubba

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