Friday- I started out my weekend in Jacksonville, FL. I needed a break from Valdosta and had plenty to do in Jax. I did a little power shopping mainly looking for a new Easter dress. After I worked up an appetite, I met my friends Rebecca and Terry for dinner. I heart Rebecca. We don't have to talk often, but when we get together it's like no time has ever passed.
Rebecca and Terry at Bonefish Grill. The food was so delicious!

Rebecca being silly while I showed Terry how to use my camera.

Me and Christi Robertson. She lives in TN now so I get so excited when she gets to come home. I took this on my camera phone Sunday am before church.

Saturday...I went to an Art Festival looking for potential vendors for Merry Marketplace. After that I met Emily and her family at their new apt to help them unpack.

I did happen to get to the apt after all the heavy lifting was done so I just helped unpack boxes and arrange things. Emily's dad needed a little nap after all the work and her brother Josh tooka break to read the paper.
Heath, Emily's husband, setting up their entertainment center.

We had Emily's Mama stuck in the closet unpacking all their clothes. She was such a trooper! We ended the night with some yummy barbecue and a quick trip to Target. My friend Missy talked to me on the phone while I drove sweet.

Easter Sunday-Chris brings the girls to the house to see what the Easter bunny left them.
Checking out their stuff

Ella Grace in her pretty Easter dress

A happy little Emma

Ok, so I had to post this picture because I think it's hilarious. My Aunt Susie will take a picture of anyone at any moment even if you are by yourself. So since I was by myself, I decided to pose. The funny thing is I have pictures of me posing exactly this way as a child. I remember one in specific at Patsy's wedding with my cousin's Holly and Whitney. I guess I always have and always will be a priss!

Kristy, Sam, and Baby Annyson

two big cheesers!

How sweet is this!
Sam swinging Emma. She kept saying GDaddy look at me.

It has been so long since I've seen Kristy! She's been out of town and so have I. I was super excited to give her and Annyson some love!

Heidi and Gary

Thanks to my wonderful sister in law for being so encouraging and sweet to me today! Love You!
Aunt Susie and me

Chris bargaining with Ella Grace about eating a little more dinner before getting down to go play.

Aunt Susie and Jay

Emma hunting eggs

checking out the eggs

Daddy helping Emma with her eggs

One of the sweetest moments...The girls dyed eggs with their Mama and they knew which ones belonged to which. Ella Grace found one of Emma's eggs. She hollared for Emma to come over to her so she could give it to her! Made my heart smile.

the sisters...

Ella Grace running after Jay to get eggs...

I don't know who was having more fun!

Emma playing with GiGi and I got it on camera. So funny!


Ella Grace giving her Great Grandmother a bye hug. (Gary's mom)

One of the eggs they dyed.
Precious moment with her Daddy. I hope she remembers it forever!

Heather, Gary, and Heidi

Emma opening her present from me.

Ella Grace's turn
They are such a mess! It's so hard to get a good pic of the two of them together.

Mommy and Ella Grace
Mommy and Emma

No, I'm not vain. I got Heather to take this pic of me so I can keep track of my weight loss progress and keep me motivated.
Me and my sweet cousin Jay. Love!
Sam, Aunt Susie, and Jay
It was a great busy weekend! I love my friends and family so much! I hope you all had a blessed Easter! Thank you Lord for dying on a cross for my sins and rising from the dead on the third day!

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