Blessed with Babies...

Love that little face
7-31-11 I had a play date with Emerson
8-3-11 We met at Kristy and Sam's house to await the arrival of our new West Coast family member. Kristy was doing a little work
Aunt Susie passing the time away by hemming some pants
it was a party after all! cupcakes and punch!
I made funfetti cupcakes with blue icing that Aunt Susie got to take the leftovers to work the next day.

our first look at Harrison on my phone
"I'm an uncle again"
the proud Warrens

love my cousins
Aunt Patsy
on speakerphone with Whitney
Our first pic of Harrison Dean Duvall ...and I'm in love!
Big boy!
First look at Daddy with Harrison. Look at that poked out lip.
We had to wait a long time from when she had the baby to when she was able to Skype. I guess the excitement got to Aunt Susie so she thought she'd "rest her eyes" for a minute
the crew gathered around the computer

"Grandma" was so happy to see her first Grandson
God bless Skype!
coming home from the hospital (yes, you may see me steal a few pics now and then from fb or my text messages.) I can't wait to see him in real life in December!!!

Jody called this one "the thinker"

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