"Butler's Post"

I almost forgot...
The spa where I'll be working already had a Heather as a therapist. Since Heather doesn't turn into an adorable nickname, I decided to be called Butler. Some of my sweet childhood friends called me Butler because I grew up with so many other Heather's. In fact, it seems I can't get away from Heather's. lol. I also think it's funny that I changed my blog a year or so ago from "How I'm Doing" to "Butler's Blabber"...coincidence???
So if you are in Nashville and want a massage, make sure to ask for Butler. :)


Liz said...

They are going to love you!

Hannah Hoffmann said...

Loved catching up on your life. Good grief, woman, you are a party animal! Can't wait to see pictures of your new place once ya'll move. I know you'll keep me way more posted than Rae will!