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I guess the title of the post might not seem appropriate for what I am about to discuss, but it's my blog so just go with it. My dear friend, Jenny Cochran, has been taking care of her father with cancer for about two months now. She lost her mother when she was in college to cancer. It seems so wrong that she would have to be going through this again. Her strength amazes me. I had been going to her house 3 times a week for those 2 months and giving her dad, Johnny, a massage. I am so thankful that I hopefully brought him some joy in his last days. Jenny and I talked a lot after my dad passed away. She was an integral part in my healing. I know God allowed us to work at Merry Marketplace together if for only that we could become close friends and help each other through these times. I remember thinking there is no way I could have watched my dad slowly decline like Mr Johnny did. And then after he passed away, Jenny said to me to be glad it was quick for my dad. It was another layer of my healing to realize that I wasn't cheated out of saying goodbye, but I was spared the agony of a slow, painful goodbye. We got to celebrate the end of pain for Mr Johnny on Friday, August 12. Jenny felt the Lord's presence as he was ushered there. These pictures were taken on Saturday August 6th. I adore Jenny's girls, Charlotte and Vivian. They call me "Pink Heather" because they always used to see me in my pink scrubs. I wanted to give Jenny a little break so I took them with me for the day. We went swimming and then picked up some dinner and had a picnic on the back porch. I had no idea a week later I'd be taking them to Jumpin Jacks & Toys R Us while their Papa's funeral was going on. Anyways, I'm thankful for the time I got to spend with Mr Johnny and thought he deserved a post. My nieces, sister in law, and mom came over this day as well. This is Emma and Viva
Vivian Cochran
Charlotte Cochran
Ella Grace
Sunday August 7th Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Sandra Wilcher. She and her husband, Lance, have been such great friends to me. We've been hanging out a lot this summer and they've been very supportive of my move. She loves red velvet cake just like my mom so I got her one from my favorite lady, A Little Piece of Heaven, Laurie Colbert.
3 candles for health, wealth, and happiness

8-8-11 Stacey's baby belly is growing! I get such a giddy delight to go to her house and feel Bailey kick me as I talk to her.
8-9-11 I got the good news!!! I got my "go to work" letter from the State Board of TN! I will officially have my license after the entire board meets on Oct 25th. This was a process! I don't mind sharing. (when have I ever minded?) I got Grandfathered in with the State of GA. They didn't have licensure when I got out of school. When they finally got it in 2007, all I had to do was pay a fee and send in my transcripts from my school. This was a whole new ball game. I got a huge manilla packet of laws and papers to fill out. I had to have 5 hours of TN law, a criminal background check, 2 letters of Professional reference, a wallet size picture, school transcripts, National Certification test passing verification, a letter had to be sent to GA letting them know I was applying for a license in another state, a legal questionnaire, and a whole lot of money had to be sent in. It was a process. It should have taken 2-4 weeks to get this letter. It took almost 5 weeks. I was HONEST on the form about taking chemical substances...prescriptions of course. It's no secret that I still take an antidepressant. Well, the board wanted a letter from my Dr stating that it didn't impair my ability to do massage. The only thing was I didn't want to tell my Dr that I was thinking about moving. His wife was my co-chair for Merry Marketplace this year. Some of you reading this may be wondering why you were not clued in until now about all this moving business. Well, the answer is simple. I did a whole lot of praying about this next step in my life. I prayed for months and I saw God open doors. I had no doubt this is what He wants me to do. I didn't want criticism from anyone and I wanted to have all my ducks in a row before I let the cat out of the bag. Now back to my license. Thankfully my Dr kept his medical oath and didn't tell my news. After that, I had to get my school to submit a letter saying I had indeed had 10 hrs of ethics. (they had been grouped in with client-therapist relationships on my transcripts) After all that I was so elated to get this letter in the mail. It meant I could start the next step...finding a for real job! See later posts...
8-12-11 Stacey's baby shower

Kasey tried pinning on her flower
Jen tried! Seriously it's 2011. Can someone not come up with a magnet clip for corsages?

Patti, her Mama, and Stacey
Veyda, Kasey's little one
My friend, the one who makes fun of me for being a priss, is now going to be putting prissy bows in her little girls hair and I love it!

I had my friend, Emily Tillman, make her these adorable burp cloths. A pink/brown one to match the nursery, a UGA one, and a thin blue line one since Brian is a Georgia State Trooper.

Bailey is blessed!

Stacey and her sister in law Stacy
Love my best friend!!!
Jen and me
Bonnie and Stacey

Stacey and the hosts

8-14-11 Got this pic via text of Harrison and had to post it!
Ok, so amongst the packing I found a lot of old things! Pictures, love letters, ect. This one is me and Ben Isaacs of The Isaacs, the singing group my friend Nate is the drummer for. I told Nate I first met the Isaacs in 2001 and found proof. oh my at my shirt and lipstick!
Another oldie but a goodie. Karen, Devin, and me at a Braves game in 2002.
This one is priceless. Raeanna, my cousin I'm going to be living with in Nashville, her sister Kate, and me.
8-21-11 I got into Nashville on Saturday the 20th and had some quality time with my friend Kelly. It included a pedicure, shopping, and food of course! Then Sunday, Melinda, Kelly, and I went downtown to hang out.
Me and Kelly. This is the boot store where I was asked if I worked there. (I was trying on boots) I politely told the guy no and he said sorry I just looked like I fit right in. (insert smile)
There are some funny stores downtown
We decided to have dinner at Athens. It's a local place that Guy Fieri, the host of the Food Network show, Diners, Drive ins, and Dives had eaten at.
On the wall of the restaurant
Kelly and Melinda. They're crazy!
A sampler platter of a fresh block of feta cheese, finely chopped eggplant, hummus, and tatziki sauce served with warm pita bread. Out of this world good. Everything we ate was delicious!
All smiles after having majorly full bellies

I bought these guitar picks and Melinda made them into earrings for me with real guitar strings!
She bought some feathers to put in her hair and it turns out they were the same color as her hair. Calm down Simba, the lion will sleep tonight.

I sent in my resume to this amazing spa I saw online...Escape Day Spa and salon The owner emailed me backwithin the hour wanting to set up an interview. (much better communication skills than the previous place I thought I would work) We set it up for Aug 22. I went in and had a tour of the spa and then had an interview with the owner. I think we got along really well and I felt good about the interview. She had me go back the next day to perform a test massage on her. I can only describe this whole experience as being covered with the peace of God. I wasn't nervous. I prayed before and I knew God was going to work out all the details. The massage went well and the owner told me that as long as my references checked out, I had a job! I was elated! She called me at 5:30 right before I was supposed to go to dinner with Devin and his family. I got the job!!! I had a great dinner with Devin, Karen and the kids. Nate and Kelly had this delicious dessert and congrats card waiting on me when I returned.
Nate giving Kelly a foot massage. lol
I had to capture the day! Wednesday 8-24-11 I went to the spa to fill out paperwork and drove home. I had seven hours to make calls and finally spill the beans to people who "had" to know before I put it on Facebook on Thursday. I was overwhelmed at the loving comments I received. About 75 within a 2 hour period not to mention countless text messages. So much support for my new adventure mixed with a lot of I'll miss you's and what are we gonna do without you comments. (Oddly, I compared it to being able to hear what people thought of me after I was dead...people who I didn't think cared voiced their love and well wishes)
8-27-11 Elizabeth Oliver and I had a joint 30th bday celebration. I made her a photo book with all her closest friends in it. We each had our own pages of pictures and birthday messages to her. I was pretty proud of it!
She loved it.

Liz and I at the Titletown Tasting. It's a fundraiser event for the Special Olympics of GA. She and Nicole gave me the amazing earrings I was wearing. I wouldn't have wanted to share my 30th birthday with anyone else! The pendant is the diamond from my great Grandmother's wedding ring. My Mom had been wearing the ring for years. I always said I wanted it when I turned 30. I honestly thought she had forgotten. I went to Steel's to have my finger sized for it and decided to have it turned into a necklace. I love it and cherish it! Thanks Mom!
Jenny came out to help us celebrate
Heather Dorsey, Liz, Gavin & Fran Misner, and Matt Dorsey
I love these Steel women! (Nicole, Susan, Liz)
My friend, Ceil Parramore

Jenny, Liz, and Morgan Stone
sweet Katie Deloach and me
happy girls
me and Jessica Baltrus
Chris Baltrus and me
Jessica King and me

Aprile Steel and me
Liz gave me this Vandy visor as one of my presents. She said she hoped it would remind me of Vtown :)
8-28-11 My birthday lunch with the Fam. Love you Kristy
Oh how I love this sweet face (Emma)
Annyson and Ella Grace playing
Bubba, Lacy, and me (I even caught Ray in the background)
I had a sweet conversation with my sister in law that brought tears to my eyes. It was just nice to hear she supports my move and will miss me.

Love you Mama!
Caught Sam playing with Tweety bird
Me and Aunt Susie-she's been so excited for me this whole time and today when I was telling her some more details, she started crying. I said something is wrong that I the cry baby of the family is not doing all the crying!
Jay and his girlfriend, Sabrina
Sam and me
I could squeeze her forever! She wasn't wanting to take a picture and it was all I could do to not say, hey, I'm moving and I need this memory. lol
Bubba didn't want to give up the doll to go home. No worries, Ray! He's just showing his love of women early!
Baby shower for my friend Rachel and her baby girl
Kasey, Rachel, and me
Baby shower for my friend, Rozie, and her baby boy
8-29-11 The Steel's gave Liz and I a HUGE billboard birthday message! (Makes me think of the country song that says everybody dies famous in a small town-lol)
My friend, Amanda, sent me a pic of her and my letter that I sent to tell my clients I was leaving.

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