June 2012


 Nothing like kicking a friend's butt in words with friends!!
 Love this!! 

hydrangeas are blossoming all over the neighborhood = pretty sight for my morning run
6-4-12 CMA Week in Nashville means lots of great musicians in town to run around and hear.  Me and my friend, Emilee, hanging out listening to some great tunes!
 Adley Stump was on this season's tv show of "The Voice"  She's one country, talented singer/songwriter.
 Bray is Emilee's little boy.  He told his Mama "Butler is hot" and that he wanted his picture with me.  How stinking cute is that??

 Leah Turner, singer/songwriter, from LA
 Jayce Hein
 Bridgette Tatum
 Benji Harris of the band Scarletta
 Bridgette was a little stunned at one of Phil's rather creative songs.
A great round at The Listening Room 6-4-12
 6-5-12 Only in Nashville, would a couple of blocks of main streets be blocked off to have a free outdoor concert.

 Thompson Square

 I love this shot.  They were singing to each other, but got so close it looked like they were kissing. (They are married for those unfamiliar with the group)
Thompson Square singing "Are you gonna kiss me or not"
 Songwriter's Round at Hotel Indigo downtown

 Cale Dodds, Alyssa Jacey, and Jeremy Bussey

 sweet GA boy
Love meeting new people.  She's such a sweetheart.  Great way to end 8 straight days of work! 
6-6-12 It would've been my parents 36th wedding anniversary.  I'm thankful for the way they loved each other and my brother and me.  (Mom, don't kill me for posting this pic)
 6-7-12 Driving back from an out call in East Nashville...look at this beautiful day and view!!
 Ready for my first CMA Fest concert 6-7-12
Me and Raeanna waiting on the traffic trying to get into LP Field for the concert.
 A little sweaty, but so incredibly happy about being at the show!
 What a view

 Miranda Lambert

 Pistol Annies

 Jason Aldean

 Kelly Pickler
 Josh & Raeanna


 owning the night!!!

 Zac Brown Band

 packed field

 Lauren Alaina

 Brad Paisley

 6-11-12 Devin's carrot cake birthday cupcake from Gigi's
 Surprise dinner for Devin's 30th birthday at PF Chang's
 Karen & Devin

 Oh the yumminess!
 My fortune...was so right on so many interesting levels.

Like fine wine, we keep getting better with age!  Happy 30th Birthday Devin!!!

6-12-12 I love it that I hit over 50 miles on my running track.

6-13-12 I took a Continuing Education class at Cumberland Institute in Brentwood.  God put me right where He wanted me today.  It's amazing the kinds of emotions we can lock away in our muscles!
How awesome is this!!!

6-17-12 I'm very thankful to have had an amazing Father for 26 years of my life!!!

This was the perfect thing to sum up my feelings on working out with my trainer today!
 6-19-12 I may not be enjoying a day at the beach, but it's a beautiful day at the YMCA pool.
 Ate dinner with Josh, Raeanna, and Jesse at Mellow Mushroom and then went back to check out Josh's condo.  Adelicia is definitely how the other half lives!  It's actually a part time home to some celebs like Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson to name a few.
 We worked out in their amazing gym and then had a late night swim to cool off.  Perfect end to a perfect day!
The view from the 16th floor!!!
 6-20-12 I went to Edley's BBQ with Ashley and Christy B.  The bathroom walls are one big I had to write my name.  (Yes, I washed my hands!)
 6-23-12 I worked the pm shift instead of the am. on Saturday.  Christy B and I went to the Hard Rock cafe and sat on the rooftop for dinner after work. 
 We ran into Alyssa who was singing with a friend that night.
 Jeremy was at home in the kitchen working. lol.  They had gotten some veggies from their family farm in AL.  He also gave us a private showcase of some of his new songs.
 Look at the size of that zucchini!!
Christy shared her loot with me.  I've forgotten how good really FRESH veggies taste!  Aunt Clair, I hope you put up enough corn for me to have some of your yummy cream corn at Christmas!!!
 6-24-12 I went to church with my friends, Catherine and Wayne DeVane.  We went to Zoe's Kitchen for lunch and then to Sweet CeCe's for some frozen yogurt to try to cool off.  Apparently this lady thought her dog needed some fro yo too. lol
Seriously?????   Turns out the high on Fri June 29th was 109-the record high for Nashville ever!
 6-26-12  I got to hang out at Raeanna's friend's condo pool on my day off. It was HOT at 9:30am!!!  I actually only last until noon.
 I decided to swim laps for my cardio workout today.  It made me miss my days on the Y swim team.  (Although, I'll never miss the super early swim team practices.)
6-26-12 Songwriter's round at Rooster's BBQ
 6-27-12 I love these inspirational posts on fb.  I need them!  I thought I'd repost some here and there just in case you do too!

Also, had a lunch date today and almost got hit by a car in the pedestrian crosswalk. I think it was an omen because the date was particularly dull. At least it was just one hour of my life. lol

 6-29-12 I went to a 6am Sculpt class at the Y with Catherine.  It was so early, the lights were still flashing.

This was the window of the storefront of Lulu Lemon
words to truly live by!!!  I'm down 43lbs for anyone who wants to know.  I've been floating up, down, and all around this number.  Gotta get really serious if I want to keep dropping the lbs. However, I'm really happy with how my clothes are fitting and how my body is changing.


Anonymous said...

of course i have corn for you! uncle miley must have had you in mind when he brought home 1250 ears of corn! and, no, i didn't add a zero accidentally.

Kristy said...

Good job on the 43! Keep it up! And PS - super long post! If you would break thsoe up to 10, you'd have something to blog about - FREQUENTLY :) LOVE YA. ANd PS: to your text message - No, I don't.

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