background I was a little busy

I went to my first hot yoga class.  It was a 90 minute yoga class in a room that was 105 degrees and 40% humidity.  I have too much pride to show what I actually looked like after the class, but here's my top afterwards.  It was very intense, but a great workout!
Saw this on fb and I had to steal it.  (For those of you who are keeping track, I've lost 39lbs to this May date.)
Traffic on the way back from Hendersonville to Nashville. I'm very thankful I don't have to take the risk of being stuck in major traffic everyday on the way to work.
5-7-12 Catherine and Wayne DeVane (Valdosta connection) went to dinner at Urban Flatts for dinner and then to see one of my favorite bands play at 12th and Porter

Natalie Stovall, as amazing as usual!

She is so incredibly nice!
my $5 and free shipping breast cancer awareness sports bras from (Aunt Susie this one should make you proud!)
5-15-12 So proud of my Mom being honored as a lifetime member of the Valdosta Junior Service League!  I just wish I had been in town to see it.
I went to West Nashville to look for a bathing suit before my trip home.  I love this town and it's cool decor!
5-18-12 I flew into Jacksonville and Stacey came to pick me up.  I could've squealed when I saw her waiting on me in the airport, but I kept my composure until I got in the car.  We were supposed to go to the beach, but the weather was not good.  We went shopping and ate dinner instead. She took me to pick up a tahoe that was being loaned to me for the week.  Thanks to Julie Blodgett for the SUV.  You were a blessing.
I spent the night with Stacey so I could get some good snuggle time in with this little one.  I told them I would get up with Bailey in the middle of the night so they could sleep and guess what?  She slept through the night. lol
look at those rolls

laughing with her Mama

Waking up to this sweet face on a Saturday morning was great!  Stacey may not be a lovey dovey friend, but she knows how to make my heart smile...she put Bailey in this outfit after I fed her her morning bottle.

This was the only day I exercised on my "vacation" I went out for a 20 min solid run.  It was HOT and very different running in a different place.

Happy 5th Birthday Mills!  I went to Mills' birthday party at Jumpin Jacks.  Gotta wait for Mel to send me the pic of me and the boys

I went to see Jan to get my hair done for the wedding
So thankful I got to go to Steel's and borrow a beautiful necklace and earrings for the wedding tonight.

So happy to get love from my precious nieces today! 

love these girls!!
They watched me put on my makeup and get dressed.  It was so sweet them asking questions about all the girly stuff about getting ready and then about the wedding.  Here's my first pic all finishe.  I ended up pulling my hair up into a loose bun on the side of my head all by myself. :)
Lindsey Davis and Justin Purvis tied the knot on May 19th at First Baptist Church at 6:30pm.
 good looking crew
 Lacey and her little man, Brogen.  I was talking to Lacey and she told me to hang on a minute bc she thought Brogen wanted her to dance...he dropped her hand and grabbed mine and pulled me onto the dance floor.  Guess I have my way with the younger fellas. lol
 Mr & Mrs Purvis
 First Dance

My heart is so happy for my friend Emily!!
 So happy for him!
 It was great catching up with Rozie
 Wendy and I had lots of fun chatting!
 Katie DeLoach is a one of a kind!!
 Eric likes to give me a run for my money in the picture taking...take 1
 take 2
 finally he smiled.  So happy for these two!!!!!
 Nothing but love for my man Jake

dancing with her brother in law

dancing with her father in law

Justin dancing with his Mama and Lindsey dancing with her father in law

Everyone wanted to get in on the jump rope dancing action!
doing the jump rope

so much fun

I had a wonderful night!
Anyone who knows me should know that it was a total accomplishment to stay in these heels all night.
 These sweet angels said they were gonna wait up for me and hear all about who I danced with at the wedding.  I told them I'd see them on Sunday morning.  It was so much fun to snuggle with them.
 844 service at First Baptist.  Great word from Bro Phil and lots of love from the sweet members at the church who've missed me.  I was so thankful to get to go to Sunday School and see all my peeps.  Even bigger bonus...I got to hold my sweet Rigsby during SS.
 I went to the Dixon's house after SS to hang out with them for a few minutes.  Mary Bennett was doing her silly face for us.
 Lacy and I always have great chats
 Sunday lunch at Austins.  Annyson is getting so big! Love that little stinker
 My family! 
 Glad Aunt Susie could come to lunch too!
 Annyson was a little upset that we took her away from her bread for a quick pic. lol
 Mama and Annyson.  She was eating the lettuce out of Mom's plate.
 She was so cute how she was loving on Ella Grace and Emma and saying their names.
 Some of our Valdosta family!  Missing the Dixon's and Sam & Kristy and Jay!!!
 Sunday Funday at the Moormans
Love my Bestest
Monday:  A massage from my dear friend, Amanda, and lunch at Baytree pizza to enjoy a good girl chat!
 I went to April's house to see her and baby Micah.  She's such a great Christian influence in my life.  Micah was so cute playing with me.  He acted like he wanted to leave with me...I think he just didn't want to take his nap.
 Dinner with Wendy and Rebecca at 306 North.  I love that we can all speak freely and have such a good time together. 
Tuesday: Breakfast at Two Friends with Amanda Tillman
 I ran by the police station to see Sabrina Smith.
 Then in keeping with the law enforcement theme...I went to Sentinel Probation to see my probation officer friends.  Glad I've never been there on an official capacity.  Kasey and me
 me and Bonnie
Lunch from ABC at Leigh Ann's house.  I'm so thankful for clients that truly became friends over the years
 I squeezed in a phone chat with a KY friend and a small "rest my eyes for a second" nap before dinner at Mori with Sam, Kristy, and Annyson
 chopsticks make good drumsticks

 I love you guys!  Your love for me is overwhelming sometimes!
 Me and my Mama
 The Girls Pre K graduation ceremony
 Josiah Christian School has been a blessing to our family!
 Heath Davis (Bubba and Jade's little boy)
 singing a song
 sign language

 love this one

 The girls had twin boys in their class.  I get confused on which one says they are which girls boyfriend.

 Lilli Moore (Ashley and Jessica Moore's little girl)
 Anna Kate Adams

 So grown up

 One of my former client's little girls...Lauren Hall

 the reason they weren't given their actual diplomas...ha

 "The Rowdy Girls" as they are known by their teachers
 Aunt Susie and the girls
 The Butler's
 The girls with their teacher Chi Chi or Miss Trina, the owner of the school
 Ella Grace and Daddy
 My mini me
 My heart!!!!!
I was so happy to be able to be a part of this moment for them
 Emma and Mommy
 Ella Grace and Mommy
 GiGi and the girls
 The girls with their Great Grandparents on Heather's side
 Miss Heidi and GDaddy with the girls

 Slippery satin graduation gowns and my cotton/lycra dress had fun trying to make this picture happen, but it was so worth it!
 She took a break from her cookie to take this!
 "Uncle" Dain with the girls.  Apparently he always closes his eyes during pics.  "Aunt" Lee Beth was at home not feeling well.
 It was still early when the girls graduation got done so I went to see the Moormans.  Mills gave me some good snuggle time while he played on his ipad.
 sweet love
 Bay and me  Ashton was studying with his Mama for two major tests he had the next day.
Mills and Daddy
Wednesday: Cindy Ganas, my wonderful Bible study leader
 BFF's day at the pool
 beautiful day
Dinner at Applebees for Brooke's 30th birthday.  Here's how my chat went with her.  What do you want for your birthday?  Brooke-nothing, I don't know.  Me-What do you want? Brooke-socks (Insert her attempt at being practical and funny.  Well, I showed her. 

Karsyn and Rylin were "driving" my car while their Mama opened her presents.

30 pairs of socks for her!  She's a PE teacher so she wears them everyday so she was really excited about the gift.
Karsyn was happy about her "piggy tails"
Rylin gave me a good pretty smile
Kari Anne, Chaz and me

My Bff from childhood...always and forever!

 Sandra and me!  Wednesday night tv time.  Love her!  So thankful for her!!!!
Lance and I-don't know what I'd do without him in my life!
Thursday:   lunch at Bleu Cafe with Jenny Cochran
 I got to spend the afternoon with Curry and Brooker once he woke up from his nap
 I was so excited to get to meet this little fella

 playing with my bracelet
 so stinkin cute
 our usual trip to Texas Roadhouse for dinner  me, Stacey, Jen, Veyda, Kasey, and Lauren

 No wonder I still get phone calls for massage in Valdosta...this pen is 6 years old and it came to the table with my bill tonight.  Oh well, at least I know it was advertising money well spent. lol
 I spent the night with Stacey so I could get in a little more Bailey bugg time. 

 sitting up all on her own

 happy and ready for bed
I love it when my mom leaves me notes in the kitchen when I'm home.
 I went to surprise Sherri at her office on Thursday but she was in with a patient.  I went to Scott's office and she came to see me.
 Me and Scott
 Lunch with my cousin, Jay. It was so incredibly sweet of him to make time to eat with me.  A little Wooden Nickel as my last Valdosta meal.
 AHHH...on the plane headed back to NashVegas!  The middle seat was open so I got to be super comfy.
 God's masterpiece
I ended out May by spending a Mon & Tues with a good friend since I was off for Memorial Day.  On Wednesday, I had another celebrity outcall.  Thursday, I met with my trainer for the first time.  It was a very intense work out, but I'm really excited about the possibilities of working with her.  Overall, May was amazing!!!!