Ruby Falls trip to Chattanooga...

 7-1-12 Of course I drove the 2 hours to Chattanooga to see my Valdosta friends!!! Love Ya Sandra!  Reid and Easton were playing in a baseball all stars tournament in north Georgia...somewhere like 10 min from Chattanooga.  I got there in time to see the last 30 min of the game.   We went back to their hotel and they changed clothes and we headed to Ruby Falls.  Did I mention it was like 105 degrees??  (hence the visor and braided hair)
 "Aunt" Heather and Abi Wilcher
Lance went back into the room to get my purse...doesn't it look good on him? lol

me, Sandra, and Sherri   I was so thankful to see my GA friends
Scott & Sherri Willis
Lance & Sandra Wilcher
Ruby Falls Geology-"Lookout Mountain is widely known for its many unusual geological features. The most unique of which being Ruby Falls, a 145-foot underground waterfall located more than 1,120 feet beneath the mountain’s surface. The fascinating story of the formation of Lookout Mountain, the Ruby Falls cave and Ruby Falls itself is told by the rocks that formed each of these wonders."  You can go here to find out more info about Ruby Falls
Eli Willis and Reid Wilcher
You take an elevator down into the cave and it's soooo much cooler in there!  It's definitely a great thing to do on a hot summer day. 

 Friends are Friends forever...
 if the Lord's the Lord of them
 Love these guys!  They are so loving and supportive!!! Thankful their wives love me and we can all be friends!!!

 It was a lot prettier than the picture gives it credit
Scott gave me grief for already sporting a Vanderbilt visor.  I quickly explained it was a gift from a friend in Valdosta.  She explained it as "Yes it's a Vandy visor, but it's black and gold with a V so it will surely remind you of Valdosta and home!"  This was the first opportunity that I've taken to wear it.
pretty big limestone formation
Our tour guide was we let her entertain all the kiddos. haha

Can you see the Donkey's butt?

really interesting
Can you see the bacon?

the falls

it was beautiful!!

view of Chattanooga from the top of the mountain
They had a "professional" photographer taking pictures when you first got into the cave.  You know the kind that takes your pic in 5 secs and then they want to charge you an arm and a leg for their photo?  Sandra took this one with her cell phone :)

dinner at Logan's.  You can imagine how long it took to feed 15 adults/kids.  The kids got a little restless waiting although I'm not sure why...they all had their parent's iPhones or iPads to play with. Abi decided to braid "Aunt" Sherri's hair
pretty good job!!

After dinner, we went back to their hotel.  The kids swam in the indoor pool (not a good idea to only have  an indoor pool with no ventilation and it's 100 degrees outside.)  The adults sat and chatted in the breakfast area that had large windows with the view of the pool. I didn't want to say goodbye to my friends, but knew that 6am Monday morning was going to come very shortly!  It was a good day to recharge my heart.


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I love the visor and braids. Especially with the fancy earrings. You're too cute!

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