BINGO:FRIDAY NIGHT The VJSL has an annual benefit each year to raise funds to give back to the community. For the past three years, we have been doing Bingo. I worked the event so I didn't take many pictures, but a good time was had by all!
Carol, Michelle, and Kori Elizabeth, Ashley, ?, Jenny, and Allison were ready to play.

Carol and I had the best time keeping each other entertained during Bingo. We were actually working the event as Bingo Card Ladies. We even came up with a fabulous quote while discussing different issues that night. "A willing heart is better than a skilled mind." How about that!!

Melanie, Mandi, Amanda and me had a GREAT time! These girls are so carefree-I love it!

WEDDING-SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Josh Pridgen!!

Summer looked like a Barbie Doll!

Kristy and Sam...It's a good thing they love me because we have been spending so much time together!

I love my cousin Sam like he was another brother!

Callie, Gigi, and Rebecca

Jeanna was my "date" for the wedding since we are both single.
Posing on the couch while we waited to eat the yummy reception food that was 5 ft away from us!
SHOWER-SATURDAY NIGHT I was a hostess for a shower for Justin McCrary and Brandy Morris. We gave them an ice bucket with their initials on it.
The boys loved playing corn hole...I think they could have played it all night long.

Justin's turn...I think he and Sam went undefeated in the corn hole tournament!

Me and Kristy
The cute couple!!

Nadia's masterpieces....they looked and tasted good!

The hostesses and happy, Kristy, Sam, Brandy, Justin, Rozie, Wes, and Nadia

The ladies...unfortunately this is the best photo I could get...the boys weren't thrilled that they had to step away from their game to take our pic!
At midnight we celebrated Rozie's birthday...we couldn't find the candle so we improvised!
Wes did a good job thinking ahead for his wife's bday!
Wow, that was a weekend! And they are only going to get crazier! I hope yall are enjoying all my pics and posts! I'm sure there's a sad sappy one coming as this week has not been the greatest for my emotions. Stay tuned!

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Greg and Shara said...

You are the busiest gal I know; at least it's a fun kind of busy!