Two of my friends, Jennifer Martin (aka Marty) and David Stump, got married on Saturday! Congrats!!
My dates for the evening. Kristy and Sam

Tara and Jake...don't they look cute in their matching outfits!

Justin and Brandy
Ok, Who knew David could play the piano and play it well! After the band quit playing, David started playing the piano at the Country Club. He played like 4 songs one of which was the wedding march and the other was Sweet Caroline! Then when Marty went to sit with him while he was playing, it was just so sweet!
These guys are some of the best! Sam Warren, Eric Tillman, Garrett Copeland, and Justin McCrary.

Ok, so as we were dancing I kept looking at the singer thinking...she looks awfully familiar! So I went and asked her name. I was right. Karla Heath-Sands our very own WALB news lady! The best part was when I said are you Karla Heath-Sands and she said yes, my mouth dropped to the floor. She then said "I wanna be a singer when I grow up." I mean how cool is that. PS, she has a good voice!

me, Jennifer Stump and Christina McLeod. I love you ladies!

Emily Tillman, Lacey Davis and me. You can always count on these girls for entertainment!