Happy Birthday Jay! These pics are from Jay's party on Saturday. Love Ya Cuz!
We were singing Happy Birthday to him.
Angie, Me and you girls!
Angie is so precious!

The guys were shooting skeet. It was an absolutely beautiful day!
The end result...before her special curling iron ofcourse! Before you ask, she said I could put these pics on here!
Jay seeing his mom's BLONDE hair and not so sure about it if you can't tell by the look on his face!
Aunt Susie checking out her hair

Kristy pulling Aunt Susie's hair through the cap

Aunt Susie being the penny pincher that she is wanted us to "frost" her hair on Saturday. It was so much fun and funny! The box said to leave it on a minimum of 10 mins and a max of 90 mins. Well, we left it on for 11 mins and whoa was it BLONDE. We later determined that it looks really good. It just happened to be that her hair that, lets just say didnt have as much color as the other hair, turned more blonde than say the hair that was blonde/brown. Anyways, it was cute and there was no need for an emergency call to the salon so we were all grateful!

Jay and Rob being funny when I asked them to get together for a pic.

Jay and Angie

A bunch of Jay's, there were almost as many dogs there as there were people.

Sam took Mary Bennett for a ride on the tractor. She loved it so much...she didn't want to get off.

Emma decided she was still a little too afraid of the tractor to ride, but she would sit on it while it was off with Kristy.


Patsy and Emma playing.

Kristy and Emma

Say CHEESE! P.S. to my sister in law...I love it when they wear pig tails!

Oh my gosh...I think I could post on this picture until tom. My neices are my heart! They were loving on me so much! All I asked Ella Grace was "Do you wanna take a picture with Aunt Heather" and this is the "love" that I got. The biggest squeeze and grin. She even wouldnt let go until I pulled her arms away. I definitely think God was saying...Ok. you want an earthly show of it is!

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