My best friend Brooke and her 1 year old Rylin at her birthday party on Sat Feb 28th.
opening her presents with mommy and daddy's help

look at those eyes...she's's a big one!
Eating something off of Pap's plate.

Pushing her friend Lexie around. This was so cute for the first couple of minutes then we all got nervous. I can't believe how mobile Rylin is now!
Rylin eating bread from her Great Grandmother, Mrs. Jan.
It's cake time...forgive me, these pictures are backwards in order. This is when she was really getting into her cake!
Hey! Why's everyone looking at me...yall are telling me to do this!
This is when it started to get exciting.
Yay! We were clapping so Rylin clapped too. CUTE!
I thought this was a cute pic of her cake and candle with Rylin in the background.

Kristen Alvarez and me. We stood outside the delivery room door together when Rylin came into the world! I had a good time talking with her at the party and I wish she still lived here!
Allison and Brooke
Justin, Libby, and Addie made the trip from Macon in the bad weather for the party. It was great seeing you guys again!
After all the sugar she had from her bday cake, Rylin was raring to go after her bath. She was showing me how well she could walk on her own. I thought this pic was cute because she's holding her shoe in her hand and it looks like she's running.
Aunt Heather and Rylin Kate Strickland! Love this baby! (I was laughing at Brooke trying to get her to smile, hence the double chin!)

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