Aren't they just the cutest!!

They were eating the spinach dip I made.

Lee Beth with her soon to be flower girls. If anyone would get to have them in a wedding before me, I'm glad it's Lee Beth!
"Doing Business" is what she would tell you she's doing with the phone.
They took over Dain and Lee Beth's phones! So funny. Ella Grace is multi-tasking!
too sweet

Taylor has him a girlfriend!
Kirby loves Ella Grace too. Kirby and Taylor are such a sweet couple! We are blessed to have them in our lives!

The game was intense for a few minutes.

Kirby and me
Heather opening her birthday present from her teacher friends and another one from me. Her Pandora bracelet is looking good!
Stacey, Amanda, Heather, Kirby, and Renee

The CBC boys minus Chris

I love that the girls have such close friends at their age. Emma, Emmerson, and Ella Grace
Playing soccer with Taylor

Taylor getting some sugar!

They love to run around and play together. It really makes my heart smile.

Kristy and Ella Grace

Check out those shades and that ring.

Love you Cousin!

me with my little ladybugs. Gotta love all that red and black!

Me, Taylor, and Lee Beth waiting on the food on the grill.

Gigi bought these outfits at Cracker Barrell. So cute!

Prissy little ladybugs

Amanda giving Emmy whiskers
All dressed up and ready to go.
First stop was across the street at the McLane's home. They have been great neighbors to Chris and Heather
We stopped by Eric and Emily's and the girls got to see their dog, Hayden, dressed up.

Heather with her birthday cake that Kirby made her.
They had a very busy day and should have been exhausted, but they weren't too tired to cheese for their Aunt Heather

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