Love me some Emily!
so sweet! We are all so glad that Kristy's parents were in town for the weekend!

Rozie makes everyone want to smile!

Marty and Tara playing corn hole.

Kristy and Rozie

Me and Jade...this game is not your grade school bean bag toss. It's so much more. Ofcourse my competitiveness was awakened, but didn't show up! Anyone for a rematch?

All the girls on the hayride. Sam is so proud to drive us around on his big green tractor!

The end of the night and probably the most fun! For some reason...Kristy was talking smack about the fact that she could outrun Sam. Well, for those of us who know Sam, we know he's super fast. It lead to a race. Sam smoked her the first time and she held her own the second time. It was hilarious. I was just glad they were still smiling at the end of it!

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~Sam and Kristy~ said...

I am standing just like my dad in that picture! Look at him and Tara, and me right below! So funny!

And for the record - I wasn't talking smack! I knew he was faster than me....ROZIE is the culpret! She bet Sam I could bet him! Our little peanut is going to be a bullet!!!!! :)